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Hola readers!

When I was younger I sadly lacked good, solid, YA fiction -- especially in the fantasy genre. So when BookLook offers me some for free (in exchange for an honest review of course), I'm always up for it.
Sadly I haven't read as much Mary Weber as I would like but I was completely excited for To Best The Boys.
So far I've read nearly 20 books (according to Goodreads) and it was nice to add this beauty to my list...
Situated in a place where boys are held higher than girls, sixteen year old Rhen wants nothing more than to become a scientist to discover why a deadly disease is plaguing the poor of her home. However her need to follow her dreams becomes even more urgent when her mother falls prey to the sickness, and Rhen takes matters in her own hands.
Only men can go to college and the only way she knows to find the answers is to join an all-male competition to get a full-ride scholarship. With her cousin joining her for the dangerous ride, Rhen dares to go above her so-called place as a girl and enter the deadly maze disguised as a boy.
*Drum roll*
A deadly maze?
A girl willing to dare to rise above her position?
A YA book where romance isn't the center?
A little fantasy?
I'm game!
Mary Weber spins a tale about a girl that isn't afraid to take action when she sees a need. The plot is somewhat feminist, however Mary Weber has said that this book isn't just pro-women -- it is pro everyone, pro people, pro men, pro women, and I appreciate her views. It's perfectly pro-girl without going over the top.
Rhen is a character we can all root for and while she goes against society, she's not just your kick-butt girl that YA fiction likes to display. She's real, and genuine, and caring, and I enjoyed her immensely.  We are thrust into a maze and with a very light romance (and a gorgeous cover!!!) that is a perfect spring read.
The fantasy elements are also light, with a world completely fantasy but again, the plot focusing on Rhen who is willing to do anything for the people she loves.
Definitely just what I was hoping for!

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