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I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Robin Jones Gunn fan. Her books have impacted my life in so many ways starting when I was only twelve and through my teenage and into my adult years. When I learned that I could get an ARC copy of her new release "Becoming Us" I was probably one of the first people who signed up.
Robin Jones Gunn never fails to disappoint to bring a moving story and moving characters. This one is no different.
Christy Miller IS BACK.
After The Baby Years ended, I was hungry for more, and now she makes an appearance in Becoming Us with other mothers. The group comes together as they learn how to raise their children and honestly find themselves. Emily is new to California and often finds herself struggling to know who she really is. Her voice has always been defined by her husband's family, and it is both freeing and scary to be out of their shadow.
I enjoyed this book completely and utterly as I knew I would. We see Christy Miller through another's eyes, and while I miss Christy being the main character, I certainly am happy to be with her again even if through the new addition to the group Emily. Sadly some past characters like Katie couldn't join (I really wanted a mention), but for new and old fans of Robin Jones Gunn I can totally recommend this new novel.
It's beautifully written and a refreshing spring read.  Never ceasing to give us real life in an encouraging and brilliant way, Robin Jones Gunn's genius is hard to match.
Two big thumbs up on this read!

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  1. Every time I think she's done with Christy Miller she just keeps writing more. xD Not that it's a bad thing. I haven't read the Married Years or Baby Years yet, but I'll add this one to the list!


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