this is a cliche easter post but i think you should read it anyway

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Hola readers!

It's Easter.
Today marks the day I think about Jesus hanging on the cross. It wasn't an easy death. It is said to be the worst death any human could possibly face. Historians say His heart burst. Strips of skin hung off his back. He was naked. His friends betrayed Him. Soldiers mocked Him. Blood poured off His face. Literally He was unrecognizable.
It wasn't an easy death but He died willingly.
Today marks the day that darkness was conquered. Today is the day of remembrance when Love fought.
It wasn't an easy fight but He fought willingly.
Jesus hung on the cross. 
It's become a story of legends.
It's become so well known I don't think we realize the impact.
It's become the story of legends and many don't care.

 But I don't care what you believe. I don't care who you are or what you have done. I don't care and I want you to know: Jesus died for YOU. 
Jesus died for you, you wonderfully broken human. If the whole human race had been wiped away and it was only you and He standing there
He still would have died.
I don't know if you can grasp that concept. I don't know if you can grasp how wonderfully loved you are this Easter.
Most people dream of a love like Jesus gave. Most people would give anything to feel a love that strong -- to have someone love them so much they would die for them. They wouldn't dream of ignoring someone who would give their life for them.

But Jesus doesn't push His love on anyone. He doesn't force himself onto us, making us robots of His will.
He only asks that we come and take His love.
It's there for the giving...if we are willing.

Jesus died for YOU.
We tend to play-down this mind-blowing love, this mind-blowing action given by the Savior of the world. We tend to put it off, say "later."
But some people don't have later.
Some people say later but later never comes.
Jesus loves you, reader.
I don't know who you are or your beliefs or the season you are in, but He loves you.
It's a simple, easy concept. He doesn't ask you say the right things, to come changed...when we let Jesus's love take over, you can't help but change....worry about that later. He just asks you to take His love and run with it.
He doesn't ask us to clean ourselves and come to Him.
He doesn't ask us to save ourselves....He's ready to do that for us.
He just asks us to let Him love on us.
Because He loves you.
He died for you.
And He would do it again in a heartbeat. He doesn't regret dying. He doesn't regret the pain. And there was pain. Jesus understands pain. He understands your pain.
He loves you.
He loves you.


You are loved. YOU.

You are so loved.
I wish you could know how much.
I wish you wouldn't hesitate to accept that love.
You are loved.

So loved.

It's a simple Easter concept.
It's become a cliche.

But it's true.
It's overlook but so true.

Easter is about love.
Ultimate, passionate love...for you.


By His wounds we are healed 
Isaiah 53:5

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  1. Why was Christ put to death? More exactly, why did the Pharisees want him dead? Don't say "To fulfill God's plan". This wasn't an act of love but rather hatred. Though foreseen it was also one of free will. They chose to kill Him.

    The charge made against Him was done so cynically. It was intended to enrage the Romans who had become accustomed to dealing with "Messiahs"(See Acts). Typically they were strong men who, along with armed followers, tried to prove their divinity by attacking Roman soldiers and ending the occupation of Judea. Always they failed .. and died in short-lived battle.

    Then why? Imagine that your word can bring about someone's death and that you can compel others to do the deed. You need only say something like, "Take this woman into the street and stone her". WHAT POWER! What would someone do to get, or stay, on your good side? Think of how corrupting this would be.

    Now imagine a man is saying that this whole system, the one that makes you so very important, is WRONG. That God says it is wrong. That our sins can be forgiven and we should forgive the sins of others against us. It puts everything in jeopardy. So ... He must die. And it needs to be memorable (TERRIBLE) so that no one will ever threaten your power again.

    What came of this? The end of Mosaic law. And the fall of Rome. Neither could withstand His Word.

    No Christian believes that he can judge another's sins. Our laws, that is, Man's law serves the simple purpose of keeping order in society and providing for mutual protection. If a choice must be made, a Christian will follow his best understanding of God's law. However no one should ever imagine that the two are one and the same. Christ is the Savior of Mankind. He makes a poor political mascot and He doesn't do endorsements.

  2. AMEN!!! <3333 Amazing post, Kara! :)

    1. THANK YOU, NICOLE! I hope you had a beautiful Easter. <3

  3.!!! This is SO powerful, Kara!!! We do tend to either forget or downplay what He has done for us!!! Amazing job on the reminder!!

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

    1. Thank you so much! Your comment made me smile. XOXO

  4. Kara, this is so well done and writen. Good job with such a truth filled post. I hope you have a great easter tomorow!

    1. I hope you had a great Easter as well, Evan! Thank you for commenting!

  5. Everything about this post is so true and so important. This in particular stood out: "It's become so well known I don't think we realize the impact." I'm definitely guilty of this. I have to remind myself CONSTANTLY how horrible the crucifixion was and how much Jesus loved us, to do that. I imagine Jesus as a person physically in my life today, and it kind of makes real how much he loves me and I should love him; yet His presence in our hearts is so much realer than anybody's physical presence could be.

    Thank you for this painful but beautiful reminder. <3


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