why i have stopped trying to write controversial posts

7:55 AM

Hola readers!
I haven't done a controversial post in awhile. I use to do them quite often. Basically if I'd hear something contradicting what I feel deeply about, I'd have to say my piece. I use to spend a lot of time trying to prove my point. I would research and plot and plan how to prove I was right. I loved a good debate. I loved to bring on the heat.
But in the past year or so I've found that I'm tired of trying of bring up controversy and trying to prove what I believe is right. I'm tired of focusing on the wrong decisions the world is making. I'm just tired of the fighting and  name-blaming and finger-pointing.
I'm tired of trying to bring my point across.
There's enough of that in the world already.
I'm exhausted with it all.
I don't believe we are put into the world to bring about debates and arguments. I don't believe we were put into the world to contradict every soul who has a different idea.
Don't get me wrong -- I believe we should stand up for what is right. I believe in our land being governed in a way that God intended. I don't believe in a world where all views can be and are correct, in a world of absolute morality.
But I do believe that actions speak louder than words. I don't believe in living the cynic, trying to draw everyone to my side. I find it exhausting.
I have a heart for the broken. At times I find myself on the floor crying because I feel the broken world so deeply and I want nothing more than to have others feel the deep and grace of Jesus, for them to know they are beautiful and loved.
I want to be a friend to everyone and for them to understand they are loved no matter who they are.
But I cannot bring everyone to "my side." I can't "save" everyone....or anyone for that matter.
That's not my job.
And it's not your's either.
I've ceased in trying to bring up controversy here on the blog, not because I believe that we should all live in peace of people's ideas and live in fear of being different. But because I believe that Love sways more strongly than the sword.
Sometimes words are needed. Sometimes controversy is needed. And if I feel I need to write a post that puts a little more heat on around here, I will. But I no longer want to live a life that tries to contradict everyone around me.
God is judge. I am not.
There will be times where I will speak out. I will not remain silent. You can read the Bible about Jesus getting mad in church one time and felt it was time to speak out. It's one of my favorite moments in the Bible. Jesus wasn't afraid of controversy.
But He wasn't afraid to love either.
That is what the world has forgotten.
We know how to argue and bring our point across and prove we are right but we have forgotten how to love.

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  1. your words remind me of how I used to sound as a teenager. its very nostalgic and familiar, that sentiment. I too have found that Im tired of writing controversy, although for a bit different reasons. the controversial things I write about are deeply personal to me. and Ive usually been met with very insensitive comments, and as much as I hate to admit it, they do get to me. Im done giving away pieces of my soul for people who don't care.

    I wish I had had the same maturity and realization that you display in this post. it took me much longer to figure out. youre very brave and self aware to see that

    1. Thank you for sharing your heart, Faith! The things I write about are deeply personal to me too, and I agree, it is so very hard to be met with insensitive comments. <3
      Thanks so much, girl! You're so strong -- keep fighting. XOXO

  2. It is exhausting to write about controversy ... truth be told, I do think I have to write about truth but I'm trying to write about it in a way that shows more love and not "you have to believe what I do or you're evil." I love how Dietrich Bonhoeffer says (I can't remember word for word), "Just as we can't argue someone into heaven, we can't love them into salvation either. And so I will keep speaking the truth and loving them all the same, in the hopes that one or both might work."
    Many of my favorite theologians were eventually lead to God through discussions and debates from close friends. I've even had my mind grow and change on things from discussions/ things I read. Our words do have power, and as writers we have much influence. But that means it's only all the more important that our meat isn't left unsalted and tasteless or worse, distasteful but our truth SHOULD be full of love. After all, "Faith, hope, love, but the greatest of these is love."
    Great post! Hope my comment isn't too long ;p


    1. No, no your comment is lovely. <3 I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts -- very well put, girl.
      Have a great weekend!


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