your assumptions about me |my response|

8:10 AM

Hola readers!
I've asked you as my readers to assume some things about are my responses....

you like tacos

YES!!!! I am obsessed with tacos...and if you haven't had taco salad then you have missed out on a very important food staple in my life. 

you read a lot of books

I normally read two books at once and I am currently on my 22nd book in 2019. For some that is a lot, for others I've just begun to catch up with them. I'll let you decide whether or not I read a lot of books. 

have a cat

Two...but I really want a dog...and name him Sherlock...

tell funny jokes

I like to think so but I think I find myself laughing at my own jokes more than anyone else. Sad but true fact. I read my own writing and crack up. 

don't like classic lit

This could NEVER NEVER be more wrong! One of my favorite books is A Tale of Two Cities, I've read almost all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, Les Mis made me cry...I adore classic lit. 

drink a lot of coffee

I could drink a lot of coffee but three cups has me so wired I'm bouncing off the walls. One cup suffices just fine to get me going in the morning.

are a fast writer

me typing frantically when there's a blog post on my mind and I need to get all the words out before I forget any of them
Blogger, yes. Book writer...not so much. Grant it, it took me six months to write The Broken Prince while in High school but I am MUCH faster when it comes to blogging. I can write a blog post (and have it edited) sometimes in less than a hour. I literally write like a fast maniac on my laptop.
The words in nonfiction just come a lot faster for me. 

you like to write darker themes, but still leave that light shining through 

YES! Always and forever. The Broken Prince is the fruits of that love for darker themes where the light is shining through. My characters never cease to be broken...because I never cease to not be broken. Their struggles always tend to mirror my own, and so in that yes, I write darker themes.

you feel anxious if you don't write everyday 

It depends. I journal daily, I blog once or twice a honestly depends on my mood (which is ever changing.)

you like making Pinterest boards for your books/characters

Here you go. ;) 

you're an amazing writer

Aww, thank you, loves. I truly hope I can live up to that. XOXO

you like fantasy 

Always. But I like a lot of other genres too. I have literally tried just about every genre possible and enjoy each one. I still read children's books for fun, enjoy a good nonfiction, and am known to pick up a historical romance as well as a contemporary one. 

you are a very real writer

I strive to be. I don't know if I always accomplish that but it is my highest goal to be as real and authentic as possible in my writing. 

you're a hopeless romantic

Since the age of probably nine, I have been a hopeless romantic. I am very dedicated to the title haha. 

you rarely wear heels 

How about never? I truly believe I would kill myself if I wore those things. I'm barely steady in tennis shoes much less something that puts me higher than my already five foot nine body. 

you dislike the color pink

Strongly dislike. I use to hate pink but it's moved into a more strongly dislike phase. I'm sorry but no. No pink. 

Let's chat! 
Do you relate to me? Are we similar?

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8 of your thoughts

  1. Oh, goodness, yes, heels are awful. And I agree about pink: I’m just so sick of the color at this point......

    Great post, Kara! This was really interesting! (I hope you won’t kill me if I say I don’t like tacos......XD)

    1. Haha, no I won't kill you but how sad your life must be. ;)
      And yes for no heels -- you make me happy!

  2. I truly enjoyed getting to know you better! ^-^ You don't like pink? Haha, my blog must annoy you so much xD

    1. Oh pink is fine as long as it's no on me haha. I don't mind seeing other people's pink -- just not me. <3

  3. I don't wear heels either. - June

  4. LES MIS!!!! Literally the best ever. Have you seen the pbs show for Les Mis that just premiered? The first episode is on their site. (and it's amazing I cry)

    Tacos are also the best.

    No to pink as well. I think some people look really good in pink without looking like a 5 year old unicorn wrangler. But most people can't pull it off. And it's a little too bright for me. xD

    1. IT IS! And no I haven't seen the new one but I'm dying to get it. I think I'll buy it when it comes out!!!!! The musical (and the book) is literally one of the best stories out there. Such a classic!
      Thank you for commenting Hannah!


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