a fact about fear i never once considered...until now

6:01 PM

Hola readers!

I'm not going to write a long post this evening, but I think you need to hear this post today. Because I really did.  I learned something about fear and it really hit hard and I realized such a mind-blowing concept is often overlook in a fear saturated world.
So just a quick note for you: I don't know what fear is driving you tonight. I don't know what kind of anxiety plagues you. I don't know your life's story. I don't know you.
But I learned this last night.
And I wanted to cry.
The things that I'm afraid of are afraid of God.
If that doesn't put life into perspective, nothing will.

Your fears are afraid of the Creator of this earth. 

Excuse me, I think I will just highlight this in my life.
Because I'm not brave.
Because my emotions control me.
Because I'm afraid more than I'm not.

But my fear holds no power.

My God is so powerful that even our fears are afraid.

And your's are too, darling. So don't let your fears control you because they hold no power...don't allow them to control you tonight.

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Thank you!!! <3333

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) | lilycatscountrygirlconfessions.blogspot.com

  2. So true, and so powerful! I tend to let my anxiety about certain things control me, but if God's in control of my life, I have nothing to fear. Thank you for posting this!


    1. Aw thanks, girl! We do have nothing to fear -- it's incredible and something I don't know if our minds can truly wrap around. <3


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