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How do I respond when people ask about my faith? Do I know how to respond when people question me? Is there proof God exists? Why does a good God allow evil?
I love reading books that back up what I believe and love, and was eager to get my hands on a copy of Faith is for Weak People by Ray Comfort who answers about twenty of these type of questions in a plain and simple tone.
We need to be prepared to answer these questions and to answer them in a way people can understand.
At the core of Ray's book, he presses the importance of reaching out in love and touching the heart. A couple weeks on Goodreads I commented on how I like how the book isn't out to win people over with simply scientific evidence but that we are all simply fallible humans in need of a perfect Savior. I don't see enough of that in a lot of Christian books today. Basically the world has become about getting everyone to our side and we are right and they are all wrong so heaven help us all if they aren't won over.
But winning people over isn't our job.

Ray presses on that we aren't out to win debates, to argue and get our point across. We are called to reach out and love.
I have read a lot of books on the evidence of God and ones similar to Faith Is For Weak People, but I think this Apologetic book is the simplest and explains the easiest, without getting deep and over your head. I really enjoyed seeing his answers and I highly recommend the book for people wanting answers to the deep questions every human asks.

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  1. Oh, I would be interested in reading this! We used to watch Ray Comfort a little on his show The Way of the Master. It was always interesting to watch!

    1. I didn't know he had a show -- I think you would enjoy his book!

  2. I need this book. ^^

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