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Hola readers!

I saw down with this Wooing Cadie McCaffrey a few weeks back and my sister looked from me to the book, "I never thought I'd see the day Kara was reading a pink romance book."
*Clears throat*

But honestly it is true, readers. As a kid I was a terrible tomboy and refused to wear dresses or wear my hair anything but short, and I detested pink. At nearly twenty one I've gotten better, but this little novel seems a bit out of place with my other books.
The book itself deserves a place among my other favorite fiction. While it's not like my normal reads, it's still adorable!
Wooing Cadie takes place in New York, where Cadie has been dating her boyfriend Will for four years. At this point she's convinced Will doesn't love her in the forever sort of way she was hoping he was, and decides to end things.
But Will is determined to win her back, and refuses to let her go without a fight. With help from his pro-athlete friends and armed with the rom coms Cadie finds so endearing, he feels well-equipped. What could possibly go wrong?

This book is just plain adorable. We all know that something is going to go wrong and that's the complete fun in it! It at times absolutely cheesy but still adorable nonetheless. I fell in love with the characters and was eager to see how Will's plan would come to play....or not come to play, but you get the point.
It's a beautiful and fun story about second chances and forgiveness and how happy endings don't always have to be like in the movies. Highly recommend for people who enjoy a light-hearted rom com (much like the ones Cadie referenced to). It's like a really, really, good Hallmark movie! I cannot wait to add it to my romance collection.
Thank you for Bethany House for this cute read. It's perfect to add to your TBR list this summer! 

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  1. OOOOOOOOOOOH this sounds just like my cup of tea!! I shall definitely pick this up!!



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