Journal Pieces |July Recap|

7:58 AM

July 2nd//
I'm so sick of my jealousy, of my insane insecurity that robs me of life and the potential I have. I have to learn to drop it and let it go. It has controlled me for far too long.

July 3rd//
Writer's block eats at my brain, clouding creative thought. I sit staring at a blank page, trying to process.
I can't.
I have serious writers block and I am positive that there is no cure.

July 14th//
We had church at our house today.
It felt a little surreal, a flashback to twelve or so years ago when we first planted Cross Centered Church. That was both good and bad, refreshing and frustrating to be back at square one.

July 20th//
Who am I? And better yet, who can I become?
I forget that at any moment I can change, that every moment I can lean more towards who I want to be.
I have that power.
We all do.
Yet I abuse it.
I allow people to dictate my world, my job to dictate my mood, and my mental state to drag me under. I allow myself to be a puppet of the world and its slush when I can let go and be free.

July 24th//
Love benefits another, goes out of its way to serve, to heal...that love looks like God and that is the kind of love that produces change.

July 25th//
I like to feel much is too much? When am I allowing peoples' needs to define me? When is it becoming an idol of my worth?

July 27th//
I am wildly complex. I am not just broken. I am not just a writer. I am not just a PK. I am not just awkward.
I've been thinking this evening how stuck on one work identities I can that is all there is to me.
Maybe that is all that people care to believe or see but I am wildly complex -- too complex to allow one word to define me.

I am currently...
Planning my next book project. I brainstormed with a brilliant writer friend for book two after The Broken Prince. Fingers crossed and more info to come in the next couple of months!
Watching Escaping Polygamy...I binged on some of the later seasons a few months back and got back in the show while I was sick over the weekend.
Listening to NF's new cd. It's raw. It's real. 
Planning some Broken Prince fun. I'm trying to keep the hype about my baby out -- again, more to come!


What did your July look like?

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11 of your thoughts

  1. i liked how you kind of laid out your thoughts of different times this month is the way you did your recap. good job.

  2. <3 <3 <3 My July was pretty meh. i worked a lot. Hope you have a good August!!!


    1. Haha, I so feel you! I have a six day straight work week coming up... :/
      But life is still good. XOXO

  3. How FUN!!!

    I love your real and raw journaling style, and your pictures are also GORGEOUS as well!! :) Here's to another great month! <3

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

    1. Aw thanks so much girl!
      Have a beautiful August!

  4. "I like to feel much is too much? When am I allowing peoples' needs to define me? When is it becoming an idol of my worth?" OH I FEEL THAT. I'm an enneagram type 6, which means I function best when I rely on other people and other people rely on me, but MAN is it hard keeping a balance sometimes.

    Happy August, Kara!

    1. Oh YES! I'm a 7? I think??? And it's so hard to keep the balance. <3

  5. Getting new book ideas and plotting is always fun. Have a good August!

    1. Thanks girl! I love plotting -- it's a blast!


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