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Hola readers!

Life has been an insane series of meeting my up with my faraway friends. I met Jess (read that post here), am currently planning a little road trip to meet my long-time friend of ten years Kara (read her beautiful blog here).
And this past week I went on my fourth family vacay with my second longtime of seven years, online turned real life friend, Alyssa.

Thanks to CEF, and something called the BRC, Alyssa and I connected, not knowing each other's names or ages, but "meeting" through a mutual friend who had both our e-mails. Long story short we met when we were twelve years old, and our families did the crazy thing -not knowing the other we went on vacation in 2012 and learned that we acutally got along pretty well together.

Last week we did what our families have done every few years: Got together for some fun. I needed that break from life for a hot minute and get with the fam. I feel fresher when it comes to what to do with The Broken Prince next and I have a lot of blogging ideas.
Writing in general has been a struggle and felt a bit stale because I keep pushing myself without a rest.
Note to you: It's okay to rest. Do not feel guilty from taking a break from the things that are sucking the life out of you. Don't feel guilty for throwing them completely away if you must. 

Highlights for any you humans who care

  • I soaked in the hot tub for the first time in literally years. It's my new love
  • I finally got that Dairy Queen vanilla milkshake I had been craving. When I was little, vanilla ice cream and Dairy Queen were my staples 
  • I learned that peanut butter and smores smashed together is AMAZING (thank you to that random lady in Walmart who recommended it to me)
  • I zip lined for the first time since I was ten and this time it was a legit, long, high, heartstopping zip line. Forty minutes and I was addicted. I want to zip line again soon. I live near the mountains -- why was this my first time in years?!
  • I sang Good Man from Devour the Day all the way on the road. That song has been my jam coupled with Lacey Sturm
  • Our old van didn't break down once. Bless it..
  • I finished the third book in the Jackaby novels. Those novels are so good!
All in all, I'm ready now to get back in the groove of things. I'm ready to blog and write and do some creating.
Vacation is always fun but I think it also makes you appreciate home a little more. I love to travel. I could be gone for months and not look back. 
But I'm always ready to see the mountains of my home. 

Quick question
I ask this a lot but I genuninely love reading your answers
I miss my opinion posts: What would you like to hear my opinion on this summer?

And as a side note but nonetheless important, a happy 4th to my US friends -- while I'm not always proud of the decisions my country makes, I am proud to be an American. Because though I don't agree with a lot of what we do, we stand free because of the blood of those who gave it all for us. I will never take that for granted. 

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11 of your thoughts

  1. It sounds like you have had a good time meeting up with online friends. I once met a online friend / fellow runner in real life. Was nice to had finally met her. That was last summer i think.

    1. It was a lot of fun! That is so neat you were able to me an online friend as well!

  2. Looks like fun! I want to go zip lining. Have a great 4th of July!

    1. It was a lot of fun -- zip lining is amazing! Happy 4th to you too, lovely. XOXO

  3. Zip lining is so fun! I'm glad you had a good trip!

    1. Thanks, girl. <3 It was a lot of fun! XOXO

  4. Sounds like you had a rather lovely time! ^^ I've never met an online friend (and frankly I'm pretty new to this whole online friend deal), but I bet it would be absolutely amazing!!

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

  5. This looks and sounds like it was so fun!! I used to be on Wonderzone too, but haven't thought of it in YEARS. Wow, was that ever a throwback, haha! I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE to meet some online friends in the future!

    1. WHATTT?!!!!! What was your username?! Were you on the BRC?
      I MUST know the facts haha.


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