My Blog Isn't Going to Be The Same

7:15 AM

Hola readers!

I have blogged for 7+ years and my blog has become my refuge for my rants and cries. It is the place for when depression has ahold of me and I can rant and rave and be me.
It didn't start out that way.
I began blogging for fun, because my friends did it, but in the end it became so much more than blogging to me. Beautifully Broken became my refuge and so many of you were so encouraging in some of my darkest days. BUT
I realize how powerful our words are. We can choose to let things go or use our words to hold tight. We can use our words to depress or uplift. I know my blog is not always the brightest.
I'm striving to not only try to find healing but document my journey towards healing. Up to this point I'm not satisfied with how well I've given you my life. It's a lot of dark and not always a whole lot of light. I'm going to try to write posts documenting my journey as a beautifully broken soul and take you along for the ride -- the light as well as the darkness. I'm going to show you more of my life, challenge myself to blogging prompts, and try to keep with a theme.
Which just so happens to be my life mantra: finding beauty in the brokenness.
That's just the point. I need to better find the beauty in the pain instead of just seeing the pain.

There are going to be some more changes around here. My blog isn't going to be so random or on a whim anymore. I use to write whenever I felt like it on whatever I felt. Honestly Kara's adult brain is too busy to keep that kind of schedule. Between work and trying to make it as a freelance indie writer is one of the hardest choices I ever made.
I have family and friends I want to give some of my hours to as well and it's choosing my time wisely and giving each day a part of all my passions.
Family and friends. 
My job + writing.
My blog
Writing and my job fall in the same category because both are equally important but I will always put my family and my God first and foremost. They will always take number one in how I live and the crazy, insane schedule I keep.
Life is too short to not spend it with the people I love.
So how does that affect my blog? And why is my blog last place?
My blog is last in place because while I love Beautifully Broken, I still want to try and make it as an indie author and writing on my days off include 4+ hours writing for my current WIP. My blog is important to me. I love it so much. It has become a part of my days and weeks...
but it isn't my everything now. I am now full of so many ideas and dreams and things I want to reach for. I will commit to blogging. I have no plans to stop. The blogging community is too darn amazing.
However, I need to get my priorities straight, my ducks in a row, my life together so I'm not running together like a chicken with its head cut off (I really tried to get that many sayings together in a row).
This is how my life (and blog will look like now).

I will work four days a week. When I get home I strive to have some fam time and then write for an hour -- normally on my WIP.
On my week days off I will commit to one blog post a week and write two+ hours a day on my WIP. Sundays are strictly off where I try to get off the internet as much as humanly possible and focus completely on rest.

The end.
It's not rocket scientist. I'm not making drastic changes. I'm just changing.
I don't like this change. I like blogging two a week like I use to. I like not scheduling my posts ahead of time. I like being on a whim and not planning out my week. 
Honestly I hate change.
But for this blog to continue, to keep my eyes on my writer's goals and to still work part time to pay the bills, I need to get everything together. It's hard being a writer. Making this choice is a pain. It's a lot of fun and it's so worth it....
It just means being flexible.
So I'm going for it.
I'm planning posts ahead of time. I'm going to focus more on the light instead of the darkness. I will give you some of my life -- who I am, who my family journey as a whole. I will blog less than I once did but that's okay. I'm focusing on both making it as a writer and keeping up with a job and loving on my family.
I'm haphazard. I make schedules I never keep. I probably have ADD.
So I'm not making this complicated -- just doing what I need to do and sharing it with you.

Keep fighting, beautiful!

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Sounds like a good plan! I'm glad you're not leaving the blogging community, but taking time to be with your family always takes precedence over everything. <3 (If that made any sense at all XD)

    1. Yes it does -- a lot of sense. Family should be above every choice we make in life because in the end, our family and loved ones are the most beautiful things. XOXO

  2. Oh my goodness...this is SO me!! Though I function by organized chaos most of the time. I'm organized, and I hate for things to change if they're working (or if I THINK they're working). But I did have to revamp life basically a while back...because although I FELT like it was working, it wasn't, and I wasn't spending time on the important things.

    So I changed my schedule. I know how very hard this can be, Kara, and my prayers are with you in this transition!! :)

    ~ Lily Cat (Boots) |

  3. I understand!! Although I had no plans to take time off for college, it just,,happened somehow. Blogging took a back burner, and while I was disappointed, it really made sense. And I know that if I hadn't done that, then I would have done much more poorly in my classes, which is not a good thing! I understand where you're coming from, and I'll look forward to your posts whenever you put one out!

    1. Thanks, girl! I appreciate your feedback and thought! I love blogging so much and it's hard to not be able to post as much as you like but like you said, you won't do well in the important stuff if you don't. <3


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