20 things i learned at 20

6:48 AM

A week and a half left of being twenty years old. I don't know why, but around this time every August I feel very nostalgic but also extremely blessed and excited. It's one more year I've obtained, one more year under my belt that I can look back one, learn from, grow from. And then I get extremely excited because another year is coming.
That means another chapter.
A fresh beginning.
New adventures.

So much happened at 20...but then each year for me tends to be a growing process for me.

20 things i learned at 20

1. i am loved...and loved dearly.
2. my emotions do not define who i am or who God is
3. i like tea
4. there is no shame in boldly being you...even when others reject you for it
5. older adults are sometimes better friends to me than the people my age
6. beating anxiety and depression is getting up each day and living anyway
7. don't be afraid of honesty 
8. doing something that utterly scares the living daylights out of you is the best feeling ever
9. there's so much freedom in being single 
10. yet people will give you grief about still being single
11. it's okay to share your writing with the world and to do so with pride
12. being there for someone is sometimes more about knowing when to let go
13. being an adult means you can meet your childhood online besties
14. sunsets are magical 
15. family should always be first. always.
16. you can work part time and still follow your dreams (and have enough money leftover for chic-fil-a)
17. laying in the sun is therapy for a weary heart
18. there's no shame in going to bed at eight thirty...or eight...or..........before
19. negative people are toxic...and that includes you
20. healing takes time

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13 of your thoughts

  1. Happy early Birthday Kara!!!! I hope you have an amazing birthday and that God blesses your year tremendously!!!!

    I look forward to seeing you soon!!!

    Love your cousin,

    1. Love you, girl!!! Thank you for always being there for me. XOXO

  2. Happy early birthday! YES to no. 7!! And 9. is so true and 10. annoys me greatly. XD

    1. People giving me grief about being single drives me insane haha. I want to say, "if you want me dating so badly find me a worthy man haha." Like, really? The guys I know are NOT what I want...so please don't give me grief and allow me to bask in freedom until the right one haha.

  3. Happy early b-day! This post is super inspiring. I turned 20 in May so I have a ways to go but this opened my eyes to some things. Thank you!

    Brooke @ Chasing Dragonflies

    1. Aw thank you!!!! 20 was the best year yet for me -- I'm jazzed for 21. <3

  4. So glad I got to read the rest of these. No shame in going to bed later too? Haha I've got a love hate relationship with the sun. The warmth is nice but not for too long?

    1. No, no shame...as long as you get sufficient sleep...an exercise human like you should know that. ;)

  5. Lovely post! Number 6 is so true.

  6. Happy early birthday, Kara!! Your list is awesome, especially 4, 5, 6, and 12! <333

    I tagged you, you definitely don't have to do it, I just was curious! :)

    1. Aw thanks girl -- and the tag looks fun. I will check it out!!!!!!

  7. Pretty post! Enjoyed reading about things you've learnt. Life is beautiful and keep learning new things everyday <3 Happy early birthday, girl!


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