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Hola readers!
The beautiful Kiri Liz is releasing her upcoming novel Spindle Dreams and I was super excited to get down and talk with her about writing.

It's been quite awhile since her last release and I've eagerly awaited seeing more from her. Now that Spindle Dreams is coming up, the wait is over!

When did your love of re-creating fairy tales come about? 
-- Oh, goodness, when? I'd been daydreaming about writing fantasy bestsellers for years before I even thought to look at fairytales. It wasn't until the summer of 2013 when Rooglewood Press and Anne Elisabeth Stengl announced the Five Glass Slippers contest that I thought, "Hey, I could do that!" So I began dabbling with a Cinderella retelling of my own. Unfortunately, I finished it about 180,000 words over the contest limit and five months past the deadline, so I never did enter it. From there, my brain catapulted into a million different ways one could retell favorite fairytales without using magic. The next year, Rooglewood's Beauty and the Beast contest inspired me to write my debut novel, The Rose and the Balloon, a tale that I actually finished on time, but never ended up entering. 

How do you juggle life and writing? 
-- To be blunt, I don't. At least, I don't think I juggle them very well. Currently, I'm five months pregnant and mommy to an active 15-month-old. Once, I tried setting a goal of writing something EVERY DAY, but soon realized, as a mom, that's just not practical. Now, I set myself smaller, more practical goals that I can accomplish within a certain deadline. It doesn't have to be something every day, but I try to get a little something done within a week or before a certain day. I've learned the biggest help is being flexible with my goals, especially since my family comes first. 

What are some of your favorite fairy tale retellings? 
-- Beauty and the Beast, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and Rapunzel were always my first picks growing up. However, my favorites have changed over the years as I've become more familiar with not-so-popular fairytales, such as The Twelve Brothers and The Riddle. One day, I'd love to retell those two especially. 

How has writing changed for you over the years as you've grown and changed? 
-- Once upon a time, writing was just a fun hobby. It still is, honestly, but now I've learned that I can actually do things with it. Although I love sharing my stories with my family, I don't just write for them anymore. They're my inspiration, but I'm excited to share my work with people beyond my family (as scary as it is sometimes). 

What inspires you to write? 
-- My family is probably my biggest inspiration. For a long time, I’ve always wanted to write clean, fun stories that I could share with my younger siblings and (one day) my kids. I also love words. The way one can craft worlds through 26 simple letters is absolutely fascinating. When I write, I forget that I’m putting letters together; the story comes alive in my head, and I become more of a historian recording the events rather than the author creating the events. 

Which character do you most relate to?  

-- In some ways, I believe I relate most to Marita. She loves new things, but she’s afraid of what people may think. In her eyes, she does things differently and that may make her a bit of an outsider. While writing her, I got to explore how to live the life God has for you without worrying about what other people may think. 

Kirsten Fichter is a twenty-something Christian writer who loves being the wife to her favorite person ever, mommy to the most precious blessing, a piano enthusiast, a dragon buff, a serious bookworm, and an INFP synesthete. Fairytales have always fascinated her, and she has made it her goal to rewrite as many as possible and become known as the “Grimm Dickens” (i.e. mixing Grimm fairytales with a Dickens style). Spindle Dreams is her second published fairytale retelling. You can find out more about her on her blog, Lianne Taimenlore. 
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  1. Thanks for the fun interview, Kara!! Your questions really made me stop and think.

    1. Of course, girl! Good luck on all your writing! XOXO

  2. "Unfortunately, I finished it about 180,000 words over the contest limit and five months past the deadline, so I never did enter it." LOL ME whenever I try to do a project for a contest

    This was such a fun interview! The more I hear about this book the more interested I am in it ;)

    Hanne ||

    1. I'm sure it's going to be good!!!! The more hear the ore I'm interested too!!


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