A Post in Which I Review a Book I Didn't Understand (with GIFs)

6:49 AM

Hola readers!

I hate reviewing books I didn't enjoy.
I wrote my own book that has had its share of reviews and I hate to write a review I would hate to read if I was an author.
But here I am, doing it anyway.

I got this book free from Revell in exchange for a review, and it doesn't look like I'll find any way out of writing a bad review.
Unscripted by Davis Dunn is about Daniel, famous in the Hollywood world for getting things done and getting them done well. But after his reputation is on the line when a trusted friend makes off with his money, he knows he will have few chances to redeem himself.
LA Lawyer Megan Pierce is willing to fight for him and be on his side...even though she isn't sure why.
Together will they fight for redemption in a twisted Hollywood world?

No the plot isn't bad, but it's typical...I love books on Hollywood and learning about people in the "famous status."
But no.
Just no.

It didn't work for these characters or this book. Half the time the author couldn't make up his mind on the plot. Should he focus on Daniel getting his face in Hollywood back? Should it be romance? Should it be finding a child star who will rock his world? Should it be redemption?
It left us with twist and turns of a puzzle plot that really didn't lead anywhere concrete. Each idea was solid but combined, there were too many to focus on one and really hold onto as you were reading. I was confused at the direction the author was trying to take us and I wanted to like the book.

I enjoyed the characters but the writing style was choppy and there was more conversation then action.
And at this point I feel I'm slamming the book (I probably am) but I don't know want to and I am anyway so there.
I'm sorry Davis Dunn. Your book left me confused and wondering what message you wanted your readers to obtain and what you wanted us to take away.
I wanted to get into the storyworld that was both fascinating and anything could happy but I couldn't.
So there.
I will leave on that note because that's a sore review and I feel bad.
The end.

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  1. I don't like to write reviews for books or movies that I don't like either. I feel bad because I know that they put a lot of time into it, but it feels like they could have done better. I think you did a good job reviewing this!

    1. Aw thank you -- I tried. I didn't want to bash but I wanted to be honest. =)


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