Journal Snippets (farewell november)

6:56 AM

November 2nd
Another month, another season...
it sticks in my head what the pastor at church said about the Christian walk not being about "the experience" or what we are feeling.
I so often rely on my feelings to dictate me and my chains.

November 8th
I am the broken follower who Jesus loves.
I am loved.

November 10th
I thought [today] about my old self struggling to gain love and acceptance, who each day feared not being enough, of losing friends if she's not helpful enough or kind enough.
That is the old Kara, but the idea tends to rear its ugly head and continue to dictate who I am.

November 15th
I realized recently that I want to do more than make people feel good. I want to be continually challenging them. I want them to know they are loved but go beyond that.
But what does "that" mean?

November 17th
It's hard. It really is.
A part of me weeps when I allow myself time to dwell on the past...what we've lost. So I focus on work and writing and sometimes I fake that it's alright -- it didn't really happen.
However through this we're uncomfortable, pushed beyond our comfort zone into a whole new field. For the first time I'm lost in the next step for us.

November 18th
We met them at Pizza Hut today. Fitting that 13 years ago this is where we met for the first time to talk about planting a church. So much has changed yet in a way...nothing has. We're still the same people.

November 21
I got my issue of Oh Beloved One. Gosh, it's so amazing to see my name in print, to see my love for nonfiction come to life.

Side note for you beautiful souls: Get your own copy of OBO here and read articles from your's truly but also from like-minded creatives who are truly amazing.
Moving on to the post...

Broken people can break people
Mended people mend people
Imprisoned people imprison people
Forgiven people forgive people
Hurting people can hurt people
Loved people love people

November 23rd
Funny how the little things can mean so much to people.

how was your November?
This month flew by with me and became a time of writing like a crazy person when not working. I barely took pictures, blogged or did my normal because I am so locked down on this WIP.
But I am nearly done (with so much news and info coming when I am). I am super excited to begin edits and really take a breather from crunching the numbers. 
I also dyed my hair red/orange with henna so that was fun. I did it a few years ago but haven't taken any photos yet. I also cut my hair again. I learned how to be a delivery driver at my job. Reorganized my room. 
Just the normal.
And the not so normal.
But that's okay. We are nearing the end of a decade and year and I'm trying to wrap my head around this. The lyrics from Fireflight really sum up the last ten years and say it best for me.

If only you could see me yesterday

Who I used to be before the change,
You'd see a broken heart
You'd see the battle scars
It's funny how the words can't explain how good it feels to finally break the chains
I'm not what I have done
I'm what I've overcome

Happy Thanksgiving, beautifuls. 

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  1. Beautiful words, Kara Lynn! I love reading your self reflections. <3
    Have a lovely December.

  2. This is such a cool way to sum up a month.


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