HOLIDAY SALE ON THE BROKEN PRINCE + GOODIES FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:46 AM

I am so jazzed to bring you The Broken Prince at
Eight FREAKING DOLLARS. (and 58 cents...because there's always that cents, right?)
This is next to nothing for a new book -- about the price of two coffees from a decent coffee shop and it's going all the way until Christmas.
BUT that's not all.
There's good stuff coming your way if you choose to buy The Broken Prince (on Amazon H E R E of course ;).

I am including some paper goodies:
1 floral bookmark
a signed nameplate,
a "you're my springtime" mini poster (I love my Elston)
a little note from your's truly.

Now's the perfect time to stock up and get a YA (light) fantasy book for your friend, coworker or treat yourself! I will include a note of encouragement for both of you if you say it's a gift -- heck, I'll include the gift wrap if you need it. ;)

To get the goodies here's what you need to do. Buy the book. Go to Amazon and get the book and then take a photo of the receipt. E-mail me at or DM me on any of my socials. I'll get the fun stuff to you ASAP in time for Christmas.
Head over there now, HERE!
I want to make it possible for you to get my baby in your hands. I know money is tight, I know buying indie books can be expensive. But I honesty would love to see The Broken Prince in your hands. I really want to give you that chance because I love my characters and I truly love you.
You readers have made this blog possible, have made writing worth it. I wish I could send copies for free to you all but I'm doing the next best thing -- giving you them at the cheapest price Amazon will let me.

Happy late Thanksgiving, early Christmas, and holidays, readers. Remember, contact me if you buy my book baby. I cannot wait to send you my paper fun! 

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  1. O.O

    *scrambles to buy it*

    1. *Throws confetti*
      If you do, don't forget to e-mail me. I cannot WAIT for you to read it <3 <3


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