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Hola my beautiful readers!
Today it's time for a character meet and greet, and I am introducing my latest heroine. For those who have asked

  • no she's not taking Serena's place at Milosh's side
Let's just clear the air with that fact. I hate love triangles and naive girls who get in the way of a romance (it's a tricky situation we authors barely do right), and I refuse to try with this one. Milosh + Serena = rightness. Sabriel is NOT getting in the way. 

Sabriel is a character I created in High School and I've wanted to tell her story ever since. She's a feisty warrior in a man's world. Her mam died when she was a little girl and she was raised by her father. Now a dark Knight of Norcir, she follows a man who wants nothing but to see Milosh's head on a spike.

Sabriel is a lot like me and then nothing like me. We both doubt our abilities, love the mountains, and dream of flying. We're afraid of being hurt and we're loyal to a fault. This drew me to her as a teenager, because at that time I was struggling deeply with being open and honest about my brokenness.
But, like I said, in other ways we're nothing alike.
She's cool.
Wayy cooler and smart-mouthed then I'd ever be. She likes to think of snappy comebacks....I on the other hand just have to keep myself from rambling in certain situations.
Fanart from my sister

Knight of Norcir, Gifted, Marked, daughter of Sindaleer
Age: 19
Personality: ISTJ

Random facts about Sabriel....

she can talk to animals (shh no one knows)


if she lived in our time she probably would have been a strong feminist 

her best friend abandoned her one terrible night when she was a little lass and she hasn't seen him since

she's the kind of girl who pretends to kick butt (and can) but inside is crumbling 

goal: to see her country restored

she struggles with the voices in her head telling her she can't, that she's not good enough. She's constantly trying to prove herself.

can't read

her leader is one of her only friends...but there's tension *cue dramatics* + they plot together to kill Milosh so there's also that. 

she won't take no crap from you so don't even try it 

and in general I just find her a fun character to create. She's strong and a warrior and wears a cape and basically can fight like no one's business. 

Hearing Voices from Anberlin
If You Want Love from NF
NUMB from Veridia
Harder from Daniella Mason

Summed up in five words...
s t r o n g

Q U OT E S  and S N I P P E T S 

“Fear claims us all in the end,” Tirich said bitterly. “It decides our actions and chooses who we will become.” 
“But we make that choice,” Sabriel said. “We don’t have to let it.”


“Few maidens have experienced death as closely as I.” She wanted to close her eyes from the moment, vanish to a time where beauty collided with her world and the black stood far away. “I have seen the darkness. I fear nothing but the pain now, and even that will not stop me.”


Before he could react, she pressed the dagger against his throat, pushing him to his knees. She could feel the hardness against her weapon as he choked like an animal. A crimson line of blood formed around the blade’s edge. “Tell your Da to mind his own business, and you’d do well to do the same.” Sabriel held on for a breath longer before pushing Derek away, releasing the weapon from his neck.
Derek spit, grabbing his neck and wiping at the blood. “You made an enemy of me, Sabriel. You will soon regret every breath you draw.”
Likewise, Derek. But Tirich trusts me above you all. That will count for something in the end.”
“For now.” Derek spit again, the spittle landing near her boots. “But trust can be broken.”
Sabriel didn’t wait for him to try and come after her. Leaving him writhing and cursing on the forest floor, she ran deeper into the wood, his warning echoing in her ears. 

The story of the dragon remained in the back of her mind, haunting her, returning in her dreams. And in the days that followed, when she climbed barefoot onto the cliffs, perched on top of the world with the wildlands below her, she would spread her arms and pretend she could fly. 

Are you excited to meet my new warrior-woman in The Crownless King?? Let's chat!

First draft edits are nearly wrapping up and I cannot wait to share more details in the next months!

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  1. She sounds amazing!!!! I feel like she will fill my favorite slot (*cough* since you killed off my last favorite *cough*) Also, thank you so much for not making a love triangle!! Serena and Milosh are perfect together. <3 Tell you sister that her fan art is gorgeous! Eeep!! I'm so pumped for this!!

    1. Aw thanks girl!
      I am SO PUMPED FOR YOU TO READ!!! *Flails*

  2. Your sister's fanart though! SOGOOD

    Also, I am def excited to read this story!

    1. YES! I loved her photo of Sabriel sooo much. <3

  3. I love her! And that sketch is gorgeous!!


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