I Believe

I am and first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ and He's the only One who has been there for me every moment of every day. He has made me a believer in second chances and I know that no matter what, He is a forgiver of ALL sins. Jesus doesn't show favoritism, yet He loves each one of us like we're the only ones in the world.

This blog is a judge-free zone. If you come here with your problems, with your junk, with your struggles, I'm not going to see you as any less. I believe that we are to speak Truth into each other's lives, being lights in one another's lives. I believe in speaking the truth to the one we have issues with, in not speaking behind people's backs, in honesty and integrity. 

I believe that Christianity isn't blind faith, that it's the only religion that can be completely proven truth with hard-evidence. There's proof the Bible is true, that it was translated accurately and the writers of the Bible really existed.

I believe that God never changes His mind or breaks His promises. In that Truth, that means that things the Bible says is wrong, remains wrong until the end of time. I believe that sex out of marriage is wrong the same that I believe murder or abortion is wrong. But I believe that Jesus's death and Resurrection brings forgiveness and love no matter your past -- a love that cannot be earned but is given to you no matter what. 
This is called Grace. 
I believe that Love conquers all, that this darkness is only temporary. I believe that every life has value, that your life is not your own, that suicide is never an option. I believe in healing, in there being a way out of depression and anxiety. I believe in each person being beautiful, and I believe that you are special.

(If you have any questions about any of the things above that I believe in and would like to know more about it please feel free to e-mail me @ authorkaralynn@gmail.coml.com)