Beautifully Broken About

This blog was established in 2012 as Saved by Grace, a young teen's blog where she could rant, post pictures, and be her silly self. Things changed and now this young teen grew up. I'm Kara and this is my blog Beautifully Broken. 
It was time to change the name after years of blogging and ranting and growing and maturing. In my past I've went through seasons of depressed thoughts, self-hate, anger, and bitterness and yet my Savior still loves me, He still calls me beautiful. 
My brokenness is beautiful because it brought me to my Savior, it brought me to my knees and to the foot of the cross. 
I pray my wounds and scars are the places where the Light shines through. Here on Beautifully Broken I can be myself and share with the world my struggles and hopefully be an encouragement to a hurting world. I use this as a house for my doubts and worries, a place to share what God has laid on my heart, and yes, sometimes I fangirl, write poems, do book reviews or make lists.

Welcome to my world.