A Rather Unexpected Blogging Break

12:26 PM

Hey everyone! It was a different week - no computer! I had my tablet but due to my lack of knowing how to use a touch screen I just checked my e-mail and studied for a test. So that is why I didn't answer your comments, didn't do Tolkien Tuesdays, and didn't really do anything that had to do with technology. It was a good break though, and I realized that you don' really need the internet to get by in life - I admit that I did spend more time with my family (a little note: my sister Kailin is in the above pic. It's blurry, but a recent one). 
So anyway, other then looking up some random movie trailers, reading books, homeschool, and enjoying the nice weather we had for a few days, my life has been really just relaxing.
What has life been like for you?
Well, I'll be back to blogging this week, so you'll probably see some more posts from me soon. Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!
In Him who gives me strength, 

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