gods at war, by Kyle Idleman {A Review}

10:15 AM

In this student edition of "gods at war" the 
author talks about the wars going on inside of us from idols and false gods (notice the lowercase 'g'). Things were talked about such as money, popularity, and like, while sending out the message that Jesus Christ in the only way we will ever truly be happy.
I wondered how this book would be and have to admit that I loved every second of reading it! Kyle Idleman address the struggles that come our way as young adults, adults, and tweens. There was humor throughout which made it even more enjoyable to read, and the author was just incredible. I found  myself laughing at some of the things he said, and the notes at the bottom of some of the pages were just awesome. 

It was very enouraging and inspiring! I highly think that any teen should read this, and it wasn't boring in anyway! 

Note: I got this free from BookLook for doing a review of my honest opinion 

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  1. I have this book sitting in my room! I just haven't got to reading it yet...def will start on it soon though.


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