It's Been Two Years

1:18 PM

The 20th of this month will mark two years of blogging here on Saved by Grace. This was the first blog I've ever had, and the only one I've really kept up with. You guys have really been awesome - reading my posts and following despite the random and occasional "I regret publishing it" post. ☺ 76 followers is perfect (any number is), and I've gotten to know so many people through your comments. Time flies by, doesn't it? Two years feels so long ago, but really not at all.
I was thinking of perhaps having a giveaway to celebrate, but then didn't really know if I wanted to or not. I mean I would love to, but not sure if it would work out. But if you want to sponsor something that's great (e-mail me @, and I'll have be happy to have it.
But anyway, thanks for reading, commenting, and being a part of my life!
I'll probably end up having another post like this on the 20th, but oh well.... ☺
Happy Sunday everyone!

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  1. Two years?! Really? That's amazing. :)
    A giveaway would be great, but I can't think of something for you to "giveaway"!
    ~ S. F.


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