Son of God - A Movie Review

1:32 PM

As you all may (or may not) know, me and my family went to see "Son of God" at the theater last weekend.  I was eager to see the film and glad we got to see it - it was good!

The movie portrays Jesus' life here on the earth, starting at his birth and then his death and resurrection. The actors did a great job, though that wasn't really what I was worried about when the film began - I worried how close the movie would be the the real story, and what it says in the Bible. They did a pretty good job at it, though certain parts were sadly taken out, added at different times, or things such as Lazerous be raised from the dead, done differently then what the Bible said to be true. 
Another downfall with watching these movies is seeing Jesus for example, because you have to keep in mind that this is only an actor - we have no idea what he looked like. 
Other then that, it was good to see what Jesus would have faced as he was beaten and hung on the cross. This also brings me to bloody scenes (the beatings, violence, etc) - My youngest brother, who is under the age of six wasn't scared as much as he was not understanding all the time what was going on. It was pretty gruesome at times - the nails being driven in, the spear in the side, a sword piercing someone, Peter cutting off the ear of a man, Jesus being beaten.... It did show reality, and was really eye opening. I can see why is was rated pg-13 though! 

All in all, it was a film worth watching, despite some things I didn't like about it, and gave me a bigger picture of the Bible. 

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