BBC Robin Hood Season 1: A Review

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I'd never heard of the BBC Robin Hood series until a few months back from a girl on Pinterest, and though I looked for a good review on it I couldn't find any Christian reviews about it. I watched a few episodes via the internet (it turned out I ended up watching all of season 1:), and I decided that today I'm going to a  review of the first season. 
If you've heard of the tv series and wondered what it is like, or know of it and what to know what I think, hopefully this can help you some....

*Some spoilers so beware*

I've always wanted to watch something Robin Hood and was so excited to see this!
In the first episode of season 1 we meet Robin Hood with his friend Much on their way back from fighting during the war in the Holy Land. We also meet the Sheriff and Sir Guy, more men join the band as the show progresses and in each episode you learn something more about the characters that you didn't know before.
This show can be brutal at times and the sheriff in this story isn't someone fighting for justice - he's downright evil. He doesn't hesitate to throw a woman and her child in jail for not paying their taxes, or killing a man if it will help him gain power. Sir Guy helps the Sheriff a lot, though I think he can never quite make up his mind whether he wants to be the bad guy all the time or try and turn to be the good one.
Lady Marian is perfect in this show, and always how I imagined she would be. There is humor in the story at times as well which can make the dark times seem a little lighter, and  Robin's band is just great! 
There is also lots of action and you never know what could happen next - lots of surprises happening along the way. Adventure is around pretty much every corner in this show, and there is never a dull moment. 
This show can also be a bit contemporary at times so it gives it a little different mood, but I kinda like the difference. Robin is a bit cocky, but Marian ( I just love her!), puts him in his place.  ☺

Some things inspired me such as a love and loyalty for Robin shown by his band members and the man who use to be his man servant (Much). The band doesn't kill others just to kill, and only in self defense, reminding each other a lot of this when times are tough. They risk their lives to help others, one even giving up his own life so the other band members could get out of the predicament alive. 
Marian and her father are also pretty close, though like most father and daughters they have arguments at times. Marian also fights against poverty, helping the poor and needy.

There is some religion in the story - one of the band members is Muslim, and sometimes says things such as, "Praise Allah." Two of the band members once even yelled it after she did because they were so excited to find out Marian was alive. 
"God bless you," is said several times, along with, "Blessed Mary". Prayer is mentioned (the Muslims and Christians both), and the Muslim band member urges Much to pray to her god and his, once when Marian is dying, and hoping then that perhaps she will be spared. 
Robin read the Koran while in the Holy Land because he wanted to see what they were fighting against. 
Guy thought that by marrying Marian who was good and pure then it would erase his guilt. 

Some of the bad stuff I may want to mention or things that raise questions are....

Kissing is done about three times in the first season - once getting almost out of hand as a woman seductively talks to Robin. A second time a woman kisses Robin and he kisses her back but then quickly pushes her in the mud. Someone tells the Sheriff he will rot in hell. A bad term for hell is used. Sir Guy has a son out of wedlock. Once during the night while Robin is running through the castle (the Sheriff's guards are chasing him), he runs into a room and jumps in the bed under the covers hoping to go undetected. Marian is there unknown to him, and appears to be undressed (her back is bare), though I'm pretty sure she wasn't (it was one of those unsure moments) - Nothing else happens in that scene except they talk about the Sheriff for a minute and then Robin leaves, and she had the blankets around her, so that was good.  The Sheriff captures one of Robin's band members and seeing its a girl says something like, "now I see why Robin wants you back - those nights get awfully cold in the forest". This isn't true and the girl isn't very happy by the statement. The marriage bed is mentioned once by Sir Guy. 

Overall this isn't too bad of a show for season 1, though I really think we need to show caution on what we watch. There is some things that need to be questioned, and some things that could have been taken out, and though it isn't bloody or gory, the people (such as the Sheriff) can be cruel. Also though, there is some good things about it as well, and the cast did a fabulous job  at portraying their characters. 
Some people love this show, and others hate it - I don't hate it, though at times I don't love what  they put into it, I did find myself enjoying  most of the episodes, laughing at the humor and most of the time on the edge of my seat. 

So have you seen Robin Hood before? What did you think of it?

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  1. Robin Hood is the best!!! I love it so much =) Even though I must say the ends of season 2 and 3 are extremely sad! Have you ever seen Merlin? It's another one of my BBC favorites!

    1. I haven't see Merlin, though I'll have to look that up - BBC makes some really good movies and shows! =)

  2. Aw, I remember watching this way back when. The first season is WAY fun whereas latter seasons get darker. Love their Robin (he's cheeky!) and wish this had gotten more seasons because it was really the first Robin Hood on screen that I liked. :) Hope you like the rest, Kara.

    1. I really like Robin as well, and I agree, the first season was really fun! ☺

  3. Lucy Griffiths is the perfect Marian in this show!

    It does have some bad things like that, but it is extremely clean, compared to some of the other shows I've watched.

    Very nice review!!! :D Thanks for following my blog!

    1. Hey! How did you find this review - it's been ages since I've seen/written this haha. I'm actually embarrassed. ;)
      Thanks for the follow by the way! <3


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