My Easter Weekend

2:34 PM

Hola everyone and happy (day after) Easter! What did your Easter weekend look like? Mine was a little different then usual because we went to my Grandparents house and they live about two hours from here. We got to see family that we hadn't seen in ages, go to my Grandparent's church on Sunday and have an Easter lunch before heading home and stopping at Wal Mart. My siblings also enjoyed going by the river and doing stuff that comes from being in the country. We live in the country as well, but my Grandparents live a little farther out and the scenery is so pretty (pictures coming soon!).
 I really enjoyed my time and it was good to get a break from school on Friday. ;) How was your weekend?

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4 of your thoughts

  1. Our Easter weekend was celebrating Dad's birthday on Saturday and then an early morning fishing excursion to Carpenter Dam. Yours looked like fun!

    1. Your's looked fun as well! I haven't been fishing in ages! ☺

  2. Easter was beautiful here! The weather was just about perfect. :)
    Do post your pictures soon!
    ~ S. F.

    1. The weather was amazing here as well and I was so happy for that!
      I'll try to post them tomorrow if I'm not too busy - I'm really excited to show everyone how they turned out! ☺


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