How LOTR Came About For Me

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Hola everyone! 
So today I end my Lord of the Rings challenge while I skip ahead to the last one. I think it's time to end it and perhaps start something new to do every week that will be more for everyone instead of just the LOTR fans. I am sad to end it and really didn't want to skip ahead but I will anyway.... So I close with.....

how I got into LOTR....

actually it didn't start with my parents always fans of the books and/or movies, or hearing it from them. My Dad watched "The Return of the King" with men at the pastor's college when it first came out, but disliked it and found it confusing having not watched the first two (who can blame him?). So then it passed where I only knew my Uncle, and some friends watched and loved it. The story line was also something I had no clue about  and thought it had to do with a little boy or short guy, who wanted to get a ring somewhere. A weird creature was with him, who looked half dead and had a creepy voice. It was good vs. evil,  and that is all I knew.  
Me on receiving the extended edition in the mail =)  
When I saw my friends blogging about the upcoming first hobbit movie and then some of the trailer on tv I knew there must be something really cool about it! Korin was unconvinced, but I somehow convinced my Mom it would be awesome and the creepy creature in the back of one of the movies wasn't too weird (Gollum is and was very creepy, but anyway....;). So off we went to the library where we rented it last spring and dove in Tolkien's epic world. Seriously at first I was confused. Then a bit excited. Then saddened by how the fist movie ended. We MUST CONTINUE ON! And so we did... we watched all three LOTR movies then the first Hobbit movie. Loved them all and soon read the books, then acting as if we'd known about Tolkien's Middle Earth for years instead of only a few months. 
So there. That is how LOTR came about for us. 
How did you learn about it?

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  1. Aw, so special! I really enjoyed reading about how you first discovered Tolkien's magical world. Not magical as in 'sorcery', but 'magic' as in the epicness and brilliance of it all!
    I discovered LOTR from my dad, when I was little... and I somehow never lost my awe for it, even when I hadn't even seen them all. When I got older we finally finished the series and WOW. I'm still in a lotr phase. It's been going on for 7 years. :)
    I am more than happy to experience the Hobbit trilogy with all these dedicated fans. I was only 4 when LOTR first came to cinemas, so naturally I couldn't be there from the beginning. But I will be here to the end. :)

    1. I love hearing how people learned about lotr and everything else Tolkien! It's was so much fun to go to the theater last year and see so many hobbit fans!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. That's how Middle-earth works, doesn't it? You can not know any thing about it, then you learn and it seems as if you've known forever. :)
    I've know about it practically since birth. ;] Both my parents were huge fans, so I have grown up with it. But I wasn't really "into" it until after the first "Hobbit" came out. In fact, I grew up with LOTR, and knew barely anything about "The Hobbit" or anything JRR Tolkien-ish besides that until "The Hobbit" came out! But, as Lily said previously, "I will be here to the end."
    'Twas wonderful to here how you learned about it!
    ~ S. F.

    1. I know - Middle Earth has a way about it!


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