Into the Darkness I Go

2:08 PM

Actually my title sounds a tad creepy, but it's true when it comes to the night. As soon as the sun begins it's slow way down behind the mountain I go outside. Despite the fact that mosquitoes love me, and I tend to trip through the holes our dog has made, I don't really care. The peaceful silence is incredible. It has a way of going through you and making you wish you could stay out there until the morning comes again. The cool air even has a way of feeling relaxing. Crickets love to sing, and the fireflies love to blink on and off.  If it's misty all the better. The way the mountains turn gray and then black, becoming silhouettes.  It is truly beautiful at dusk and God's creation is amazing!
 My camera can't capture the moment, so I let it soak in. Eventually I must go in because then it's too dark to see, and the fireflies seem to want to drift away, but for a moment I think I found a piece of heaven. 

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  1. Even if it does sound a tad creepy, the post and title sound very poetical. (well, maybe not the part about the mosquitoes... ☺)
    Oh, and the word "nyctophilia" fits so perfectly! ♥ I love the part especially about the mountains.
    ~ S. F.


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