Summer Is Fading

1:14 PM

Summer is slowing fading away into a mist of fall, where leaves are colorful and the weather is cooler.....
One more time I must dip my feet in the pool, and taste a fresh cucumber. I will relish the warm nights and the crickets that enjoying singing outside our back door. I'm going to let the humidity sink into my skin, and welcome the grass under my bare feet. 
I don't want the sun to stop shining, or the cats to quite their lazing in the sun. I'm just going to cherish the last few weeks of Summer and hopefully not let a moment slip by. I will continue to read my Bible under the trees, and enjoy the fact that dark isn't until eight. I will continue to treasure the summer memories and not let them go. I'm not ready to say goodbye and for now I'm glad I don't have to..... 

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5 of your thoughts

  1. Bring on Autumn. I love that season though this year summer hasn't been bad, so if it continued to behave, it could stick around. :)

    1. I love fall as well, though it is always sad for me to see summer end. =)

  2. This post speaks from your heart and goes directly to mine. I love Autumn very much, but if only Summer would last a bit longer...
    The last little paragraph is pure loveliness! Thank you. In fact, I am going to write it out and put it on my wall to remember to enjoy this Summer whilst it lasts. :)
    Love ~ S. F.


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