Vacation In Five Words

12:34 PM

Yes, after a very, very long, 14 hour trip home from a vacation with some amazing friends in Tennessee, my family got back last night around midnight. So many things happened that most people don't have happen on a vacation that it was almost too funny! So have a guess in a comment below what things happened on vacation and find out with pictures and a long post tomorrow....

towing, squashed, shopping, tornado, sick. 

So yeah, everything worked out and God had a plan for it all. It was a blast and very sad to leave, but still good to be home. Look for a vacation post tomorrow and I guess I'll get ready to unpack my bags. Have a great Sunday everyone!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Towing- I'm guessing someone forgot to plug in the six way and y'all got pulled over for no trailer brake lights. Or worse, it jumped the ball and came unhitched.

    Squashed- you rode for too long in an undersized car.

    Shopping- well you're a lady so you must've spent way more than you should have ;)

    1. The below is pretty close, the middle very accurate, and the top, not right, but it made me laugh. =)
      Thanks for commenting!


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