Vacation - Pictures//Part 1 of 3

2:20 PM

How can you begin to describe an amazing vacation full of mishaps and so many wonderful memories? You can't.
I got to meet my friend Alyssa two years ago and then again last week in Tennessee (does anyone reading this live there?). She has a very awesome little sister, and then my grandparents also got the chance to come and meet our friends as well. 
So to start off this post the pictures above are random (more detailed posts some other day). So just sit back and look at our first mishap that broke all the ice, then later this week I'll look over the photo shoots and share some memories we shared together over the week.
Mishap number one.... tornado *please add scary music here*
How can you describe a warning popping up on the cell phone, saying tornado heading your way, seek shelter now. Some of us decided to go for a drive to the store to get some food. When the warning popped up, I freaked out and so did Alyssa. I am terrorized of storms, and a tornado is my biggest nightmare. It did pass and luckily no tornado touched down where we were driving, but the rain or wind did not. It poured in sheets and the stream by the cabin we rented was very close to flooding. 
It was an experience I hope never to repeat, but I am very thankful for Alyssa and Sarah's Mom, who repeatedly told us to calm down. I really need to hear that because otherwise I get very, very, freaked out. 

So that was our very first big event. There was more to come (look for those in part 2), but have a look at the pictures if you haven't already, and despite all the mishaps know that we did have a very amazing time. 
It was also sad to leave as we all drove back to our home up north and my friend and her family departed back south. I pray we can have another chance to see each other again soon but for now, I'll be looking forward to "revisiting" through blogging about it more soon!

And don't forget that this week is....
photo challenge poll 
etsy shop opening!!!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. Beautiful photos and scary story. :) Whilst I was reading this I was listening some classical music and I read *please add scary music here,* a soft and sweet melody began playing. Hmmm...
    Well, thankfully you were safe during the storm.
    I am very excited for the next parts (and photo challenge poll...and Etsy shop. ☺)
    ~ S. F.

  2. Well, I'm glad you didn't get swept away by the tornado. I've been thinking about tornados lately too, since we watched Twister this weekend. :)


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