So I'll Admit - I need Prayer

2:38 PM

Sometimes it's so hard to admit that we need prayer! It's an easy request, but so hard to say, "hey, I need you to pray for *feel in the blank here*. Sometimes it's not hard, but at times where you don't really want to admit your weaknesses, sins you're struggling with, fears, and the like, it's not an east thing to ask! Believe me. I know. 
We are called to be brothers and sisters in Christ, working together, praying together, and sharing advice. We were made to be encouragers (which I think google is telling me is not a word, but oh well...)! 
So I lay it down now. I need prayer. I need prayer in school and I'm currently not doing well. I struggle very much in math. I struggle in studying for my GED (which right now seems impossible). I am struggling and sometimes I feel that I need more faith in this area. 
So I say... could you be praying for me? It's hard to admit I'm not doing well because I like people to see my strengths, and not my weaknesses, but it's no secret - none of us our perfect. I need to work harder and pray more often. So if you could be praying for me, it would mean the world to me!
And this works both ways, we need to be asking others if they need prayer or maybe not even asking, but simply taking the time to pray.
 I just asked you to pray for me, and now I really feel I need to ask..... is there anything you would like me to pray for? You don't have to say exactly what it is, or if you don't want it public you can simply e-mail me (go to my "believe" page).  Either way I want to pray for you. 
I want to be a prayer warrior. 
So that's what's been on my heart of late. Hopefully it makes sense... =) 
God bless!

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  1. Praying for you in your school & life, Kara! Keep working hard & trying & remember Philippians 4:13. I always need prayer with guidance for God's will in my life & my mom is going through a really tough time - I'd love your prayers {& thanks for offering them}. Keep going, girl {math is not my thing, either}.
    Love in Christ,
    P.S.: Google told me the same thing about "encouragers" the other day! What does Google know anyway? =)

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers! It means so much to me, and your encouragement was much needed ! I will be praying for you and your Mom!
      Thanks again!
      In Christ,

  2. Hey Kara, I will definitely pray for you. You are so right that as brothers and sister in Christ we need to be in prayer for each other and asking others to pray for us. This is something I feel like God is teaching me. He keeps bringing up things I can pray for people [gotta love God ;) ]. I would love it if you could pray for my family and friends - they don't know Christ yet. Thank you! Also, I happen to be really good at math and would be happy to help you out (and yes, that's a serious offer). :)

    1. Thanks so much for your prayers and I will keep your family and friends in my prayers! God has been bringing up a lot of people to pray for lately as well and I've been trying to make it something of a habit to pray for them when they come on my mind.
      You would help me with math?! Aww thanks so much for the offer! I am currently taking Algebra 2 and some of Geometry, and could use any help I can get. I had one friend offer as well and I think I'll take you both up for it if you really want to. =)
      Thanks so much again for your prayers and offering to help!

  3. Yes, I would love to! I'm currently taking Pre-calc so I can definitely help you with Algebra 2 and Geometry. You can email me if you'd like. :)

  4. Many, many prayers for you, dear friend. It might be hard now, but God is faithful and it will all be worth it (you never know when Z+HG-1=T (that didn't make much sense) might come in handy. ☺)
    This was such a lovely post and so understandable. We all do need to pray for each other more, but how can we if we don't know what they're struggling with? Right now some prayers would be nice as I'm learning to trust the Lord more, and learn that mistakes are okay.
    You can be a prayer warrior!
    ~ S. F.


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