What Life Has Been For Me

8:56 AM

These two pictures are really the only ones I've found time to take over this past week - it's been so crazy busy here for me! The days are flying by and really I want them to slow down. I'm afraid that this fall will fly by as did the summer. Now that it's been in the 90s, I'm up for the cooler weather! 
 I started school this past two weeks, and then catching up on any math that was pushed far back in my mind over the summer. 
Also on the lighter side, me and my siblings watched some episodes from Robin Hood season 3, and ate the rest of my birthday cake, while our parents were out. We also enjoyed being together.   Lots of fun, though I'm glad it's the weekend! Time to edit my story, listen to lots of soundtracks, and go for a bike ride! 
This week I've been slowly learning that God has a plan and to hang on even when it's tough. Trusting God is what I'm horrible at, but I really need to this school year!
What have you been up to? 

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  1. The second picture is so mysterious and the first... it's so confusing it's hilarious. :) Glad to hear that school has been going well enough for you this year. May you have many a fun weekend!
    ~ S. F.


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