Why The Bad Guys in Movies Are So Interesting

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I couldn't come up with a good enough title, and didn't know how to exactly say it, but let me explain what I mean. If you're like me then you've watched Guy from Robin Hood, seen guys go from good to bad in Lord of the Rings, pondered the White Witch from Narnia, or perhaps you more like the Avengers or Captain America.  Either way I tend to find myself highly fascinated with the bad guys and the villains, then the hero himself. 
Why, you may ask? It's because when they are so well written (or acted), I want to strip away the image of evil and dark and find the human - the person they truly could be. I want to see the back story - to cry when they cry and feel their hurt. To find out why - to see how it all began. 
I want to look beyond the villainous side and see their good traits. I don't want to hate them - I want to see them from a whole new perspective. 
It's why I love Guy of Gisborne so much and why is sister left me wishing she had changed. It's why I felt sorry for Boromir and almost cried when he showed he wasn't just a guy wanting Frodo's ring (and why I loved reading about him in the the back of The Return of the King book ;).
 They have back stories.They play an important role in the story they're in. I want them to change - I want to like them. 
Does this make sense and is there anyone else out there like me, or am I just crazy? =)

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  1. Ah yes bad guys - I must say that my favorite bad guys are in Once Upon a Time. They do a fabulous job of showing the back story and leading (most of them) on a path to redemption (Yay Regina!, Come on Rumpel you can do it!).

  2. Oh, and I guess Hook was a bad guy too. Yeah, he's pretty awesome.
    Actually, the bad guys are my favorite characters in this! :)


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