Let It Sink In People!

2:59 PM

I saw the above picture a few days ago on Pinterest and it really captured my attention and it stuck with me a lot of yesterday. We've heard the story of Jesus dying and rising again, perhaps you've seen the movie, heard a song singing of His love, or even read the story from the Bible. The thing is I take Jesus for granted. Sometimes I tend to just see Him as the man with all the answers and I forget to come to Him at other times then when I need something. 
 I admit it - I take Him for granted. I NEED TO REMEMBER! He died. For. YOU! ME! He died with pain so intense. He died to save me. This isn't just something to contemplate at Easter, but every single day of our lives. He died so you could live. 
LET IT SINK IN! Literally just think. Ponder. He died for you, my friend and dear reader - he died for you. Would I die so others could live? Would I die, hanging with my lungs about to give out? Really, when I truly think that, I don't know... it doesn't sound pleasant.....
I could just go on about his love though, because he actually didn't just think about it - He did it. 
So, I just wanted to post this because I think it's important to be reminded. I tend to forget - He died for ME (and YOU)!

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