Countdown to Christmas PARTY #1: We're All Important

1:10 PM

HOLA and Merry Christmas everyone! Today is the first day of my Christmas party... 

Christmas Countdown: 25 days 

I was listening to "Mary's Boy Child," sung by Toby Mac and Jamie Grace, and it came to me - God chose his one and only Son to be born of a young teenager - an ordinary woman, no one you would have probably chosen to have a prince. No matter where Mary lived or who she was, God chose her. Get this - He cares about everyone. He didn't find a girl with a rich family where Jesus would have been comfortable - he chose a regular girl. This proves that he cares about just plain, ordinary me and all those others who don't feel special. You are amazing in His eyes!  Not only does the King of kings love and care about you, but no matter how young you are, He can do great things through you. 
Mary was young and ordinary, but God let her have his Son!!! He doesn't care about where you come from, who you are, or when you were born. He loves you just as you are. He has a plan for every single person in this world. You don't have to go to college to do great things. You don't have to even graduate high school to do things for Christ. 
This Christmas I think I need to remember that - God will do amazing things through me (and you too). No matter what, He will. 
Have a blessed Sunday readers!

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