{the plan GOD has}

9:54 AM

It hit me. Hard. I realized I am no longer that little girl. I already knew that, but it's that moment it hits you and you wonder why time flies. It's like when I was eight and realized I could reach the kitchen cabinets without a stool (that was my "I'm getting older moment ;). And then it hits you even more so when you realize plans need to be made and questions to God need to be asked - where do I go from here? What is His will? 
I feel that perhaps I  finally know.... it's weird. I am the young adult I always wanted to be and suddenly I want time to freeze - just stop so I can get my breath. It's all moving too fast. I'm excited for life to go on and see how God will work, but I want to stay here all in the same breath. 
I've thought about it for a long time and prayed about God's plan even longer, and now I know in a way what His plan is perhaps for my life. It's weird,because I thought I would perhaps never go to college and I thought I already had a plan. 
 Suddenly God's plan seems more exciting... more right (as it should be). His plan is already better then mine and finally I'm beginning to realize it. It all makes sense - some of the things I've thought and some of the people I've met - the why. I don't know 100% what God's plan is for my life and I know someday I'll know in full, but for now I'm content. 
I'm growing up. I'm the young adult I dreamed I would be. It's not like I expected, but I feel God working and I am excited. I want time to freeze, but I can't. I'll cherish the moment though. I'll love my family and be the Godgirl God has called me to be. 
He has a plan and Lord-willing I am ready. 

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