You're Invited! {A Christmas Party}

2:05 PM

HOLA and Merry {insert how many days until Christmas here} Christmas! I'm having a blog party and you're invited! Read on further because its time to break into your Christmas cds and listen to some of your favorite Holiday songs!
So this is what's going to be going on here until Christmas...
every week I will be doing at least one Christmas post that will consist of a song, devo and something from ya'll. There will also be a poll or two, music video, photos of how I'm preparing for Christmas, and something of the like. 
So... are you ready? Will you join me in a count down to one of the most amazing Holidays of the year? 
So here's how you can participate...
What is one of your fave Christmas traditions? What is one of your favorite Holiday memories? What is one Christmas that you could call the most memorable? 
And lastly... what do you think of a Christmas card exchange (your answers to this one will not be in my posts haha)?
You can answer to these questions in a comment and I will use them in my posts. Also I'm not planning to do a giveaway (unless any of ya'll want to sponsor something), so just saying in case you were wondering. 
Most of the songs I'll be featuring will be from worship artists so those who aren't into rock or rap can enjoy them as well and we can all worship together the love of our Savior. 
So here's the run down....

A Saved by Grace Christmas Party
Where: Here
When: December first through December 30
What can I do: Comment from the questions above, sponsor something for a giveaway (I'm not planning one, but still I won't say no to a giveaway :). 

Can't wait to celebrate the love of our Savior together!

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2 of your thoughts

  1. This sounds fun! Thanks for inviting me ;)
    We don't really have any christmas traditions :( My fave holiday memory was when every year till I was like 9 or 10,like every other child I believed in Santa and would look under my pillow for my gift given my Santa when I was sleeping! <3 2012's Christmas was a very memorable one,every year's christmas is a memorable one for me because me mom's birthday is on the next day so it's just double celebration but 2 years back....we took a special trip to another state in my country visiting one of my uncles and celebrating for both the wonderful occasions.

  2. Dear Kara,
    Thank you so very much for the invitation!
    1. One of my favourite Christmas traditions is opening a present on Christmas Eve.
    2. Going over to my grandparents house and opening up presents from them.
    3. Hmmm. . .probably Christmas 2008. That year we had some one do the "12 days of Christmas" with us (they would anonymously come by every night counting down to Christmas and leave us a present on our porch.)
    Love ~ S. F.


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