Life's Not Perfect

12:13 PM

So I've come to realize that even as a Christian life isn't perfect. I think I can have this thought that if I follow Jesus then everything will go well and I'll always be happy. I mean I know that being a Christian doesn't mean that everything will go right, but it can take awhile (for me anyway) to actually realize  and grasp it. 
Everyone - no matter who you are, will have things go wrong, we'll continue to mess up, and bad things will happen. I've come to learn though, that they are shaping us. Trials help us realize that we are indeed far from perfect and we need Christ that much more. If everything went well as Christians, I think we'd forget how much we truly need a Savior to guide us through life. 
I'm not perfect and realizing that brings me so much closer to Jesus! 

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  1. Yep, no one's perfect except Christ. :) God's forgiveness is amazing!


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