Three Movies I'm Looking Forward To

1:02 PM

Usually there is hardly any movies in the theater I want to go and see, but lately there is a lot. So here is three.......

I honestly don't know if this movie will be any good or will be an amazing must watch, but I do know I want to see it. I've been in this mood to watch world war two and world war one movies of late and so far from what I've seen it looks like something I'd like. Plus I read this guy's true story in my brothers' magazine and if the movie is like the article then it should be good!

Old Fashioned seriously sounds like a really amazing movie! I've been reading the devotional (which I highly recommend any single young adult reading), and I can't wait to see it when it comes out in dvd. I won't be seeing it in the theater, but my parents plan on going, so I will get to hear their opinion of it before I see it. 


And then I think we should just take a second and say "hello" and yet, "goodbye" to an amazing trilogy. The Battle of Five Armies is ending something amazing and I am excited yet very sad to see it Friday.  

 I don't know if it will end with my crying or satisfied with how it went, but I'm pretty sure it will end tears. Just watching the trailer leaves me emotional. 

So there you go - three movies that will be out soon (or are already out). Do you plan on seeing any that I have listen? What movies are you looking forward to? 

Merry early Christmas readers!

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  1. Old Fashioned does look sweet. At some point I'd like to see that one too, though likely it'll be on DVD. Hope you enjoy these when you see them, Kara. :)

    1. Thanks Rissi! I hope you enjoy it as well. =)

  2. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Talk about mixed feels! I am excited and a bit sad, too. One last time! It's the movie that I'm looking forward to.
    ~ S. F.

    1. I'm with you S.F! Mixed feels for this girl as well!
      Love ya!


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