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9:38 AM

Hola everyone! With homeschooling and such I have been quite lazy and have not been posting pictures no where near as much as I would like. Here I am though, with over three pictures (which I'd like to do more of). 
So what has life been like for me? Here is any overview for all those you may be wondering...

Reading.... Sherlock Holmes  (I love them!), and homeschooling stuff (think church history and the 1600s, english, and chemistry). 

Watching... Sherlock Holmes BBC, season 1 - episode one (a review on that later). Have you seen it before?

Listening to.... right now as I am writing this - a spanish worship song from Seth Condrey.

Writing.... my story. Actually it's more of editing  for around the third time. I can't wait to complete it!

Feeling... content - God is good

.... and posting this because (the picture below) made me laugh....

Also, I have been wondering (on a random note), about putting a prayer list on the sidebar of this blog. Y'all could submit prayer requests so others could see and perhaps pray. I've been really feeling convicted to take up praying for others more then I have been.

And last.... Featured Blogger post coming soon!!!! Be on the lookout for it. ☺

OK, so I guess that is all for now - what did you think of the pictures? I want to be posting more but wondered - which ones do you like best (nature, people, etc)?
 Adios until next time!

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  1. Lovely photos! I like them very much, and I like all kinds of pictures, in answer to your question of what kind of pictures we liked best. I think a prayer list would be a great idea!
    Ha, ha! "Which one?" :) I look forward to reading your review of Sherlock.
    ~ S. F.


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