The Old Fashioned Way ~ A Book Review

8:42 AM

So what does it mean exactly to date/court the old fashioned way? To some that sounds boring, weird, and well... old fashioned... but is it worth trying? And what does it mean to "be old fashioned"? How should it be defined?
 Yes, there is opening doors and taking things slow, but Giner Kolbaba shows that there is so much more then just that! She shows us what the Bible says about living Godly lives as singles, and how to live even if we're not in love or dating someone. It's a 40 day book on taking love (as the title says), the old fashioned way. 
At first I was a little hesitant what the book would talk about, but really I enjoyed this so much! I am not in love, not dating, and probably won't be for quite a few more years, but I found that this book is for the people with zero love life as well as those seriously courting someone and contemplating marriage. 
This isn't just a book with rules (which I'm glad), but left me pondering and questioning.... what is God's plan for my life and how has He called me to live as a single teenage young adult? The questions, journal prompts, and Bible verses were also a bonus for me! I love thinking deeper and going deeper, and was able to answer the questions in a notebook, and then able to go over what I have learned. 
The issues in this book  range from dealing with passed relationships, being "just friends", what being old fashioned means, and what it means to "take it slow". 
I learned so much from this book and highly recommend it to any single adult or teen!  

Note: I recieved this book free from "Tyndale" for doing the review, but all opinions were my own

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