God may be telling you what you don't want to hear

9:57 AM

I can think of SOOOO many times I have tried to ignore God's voice inside me.... sooo many times I've not wanted to listen because I'm afraid that if do I'll fail. Now if you're listening to God, you can NEVER fail, but that little voice in my head (call it "Doubt"), just won't leave me alone. 
A few of the times I didn't want to listen....
•when I felt God telling me to do my Robin Hood 28 day Pinterest Challenge
•when I felt God telling me to invite a girl to church
•when I felt God telling me to help with the nursery in church

I ended up during my Robin Hood challenge (despite my doubts), and have "met" so many amazing friends. They are such an encouraging and blessing to me!  When I began to help out at church I struggled, but grew so much closer to Christ - I've learned so much through serving others! Sadly though, I never invited the girl I met at the roller skating rink to church. I was afraid what she'd think - afraid that because I'd only just met her and we'd probably never meet again, that she'd think I was crazy. I've really regretted it since (even though that was two years ago), because I sensed that she was hurting. It's one example of why we need to listen to God's voice. 
Sometimes what He may tell you may seem crazy and completely weird. We're often afraid we'll fail, and sometimes what He tells us may even seem absurd to our family and friends. The thing is that's the time we need to take that giant leap of faith. It's the time we need to rely on God and not ourselves. 
Yes, we may look stupid at first, but if you really feel in your heart that God is calling you to something you have to listen. 
You remember Noah, right? God told him to build a boat and there wasn't a drop of a rain in sight - imagine what people must have thought! 
So readers know this - God's the one with the map, and He's the one who can see the bigger picture. 
It's not easy, but we must know that when we listen to Him, it's so worth it!

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  1. I stumbled upon this via bloglovin and I just had to comment. lol. I have felt that way so many times. Like I know God wants me to do something and then I try and make excuses about why I cant. excuses like "well maybe Im just making it up." or "its probably not from God." or something dumb. or excuses about how Im not prepared for the task. and I ignore God a lot. a lot a lot. but one thing I've learned is that obedience is required. and like, really, who am I to ignore God? like....ugh. no. who are we to ignore Him?

    so yeah. good post. I needed that reminder :)

    1. I know what you mean - excuses are something I'm trying to overcome! Thanks so much for your comment - it encouraged me to know that I'm not the only one who struggles. =)
      In Christ,


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