How to Catch a Prince {a review}

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I absolutely loved The Royal Wedding Series from Rachel Hauck, and was so excited when BookLook had this one up for grabs. As soon as it came in the mail I ripped it opened and instantly began reading.
How to Catch a Prince is about an American heiress, Corina Del Rey - the girl who unknown to everyone (family, friends, and the world),  really did catch a prince. That is all passed though,and she's trying to forget - trying to forget the pain and the fact that she will never see Prince Stephen again. 
Prince Stephen is filled with guilt from his time in the war - it is the reason he divorced Corina. He doesn't want to look back - only forward. When their worlds collide once more though, will they see God's plan for their lives together? 
I really did enjoy this book (like I did the ones before it), and Rachel Hauck's writing style seems to have stayed the same throughout it all. The books really do come together! Despite the fact that many loved this book, I can't really say I was overly fond of it. 
The "heavenly help" Corina and Stephen receive is indeed two angels (sent from God), to bring the two back together. It was a well written part, but for some reason the fact that there were two angels (or at least that is what I took them as) in the book, made me easily distracted. I'm not one to enjoy books where angels come to help the characters. I don't know why, but it makes me loose interest. 
This book however I could enjoy (even with these elements). The ending was very inspiring and encouraging - leaving me see how God works in our lives (even when we don't see it), and I do recommend it to anyone who enjoyed the books before this one. 

Note: If it seems I have mixed feelings about the book, than you're right - I do haha.  So what do you think? Did you enjoy the book or do you plan on reading it?

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