I Was Happy This Valentines Day

9:07 AM

Hola readers! Yes, I found this one of my favorite Valentines Day weekend ever, and it was without a boyfriend or any guy (except for brothers, Dad, and Grandfather), in my my life. I exchanged valentines with my family, ate my Mom's birthday cake, watched Road to Avonlea, listened to my new Switchfoot cds ALL weekend, edited some things in my story, and read bunches of books. It also snowed, and we didn't have church (which was sad, because I was really looking forward to), but overall everything fantastic. Some of the valentines I received are now displayed proudly on my bulletin board, and I have some chocolate from my parents yet to be eaten. 

Some of the above are Valentines I received ^, but the rest is a picture of my friend Alyssa, a picture of Piglet my littlest sister drew,  and a sign I got for Christmas. The Robin Hood BBC valentines were from my brothers, and with the puns were just too sweet and funny.  "I WILL always love you," and "I love you so MUCH". haha. Korin drew the North and South BBC picture and I fangirled over it for a long while. ☺

Something I see this Valentines Day though, is that  you don't need a guy to make you complete.  I've found that my family is so amazing, and I love them so much! Right now I'm not ready for a boyfriend and I'm just trying to trust God to write my future. 
How was your Valentines Day?


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  1. Happy late Valentines day! You're Valentine board is great. :)
    Love you!
    Love ~ S. F.


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