Why I've Chosen Not To Have a Cellphone

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Hola everyone! So yeah... I don't have a cellphone or an iphone or anything that relates to anything handheld. Wait! I forgot... I have a tablet, but let me get to that later on....
So here we go....

| Why I've Chosen Not to Have a Cellphone | 

I'm sure a lot of you guys reading this can say you have a cell phone - maybe 99% of you can say you do or even 100%, but I don't. My parents never really said I couldn't, but they said if I ever wanted one I'd have to pay for it myself - with my own money. This still isn't the reason I haven't got one because I could break into my savings if I really wanted to. Being home schooled and staying home pretty much all week isn't the reason either. Actually if I went to school I probably wouldn't have a cell phone - or even if I got a job. 
Why? Simple - getting one can lead to wanting to spend a LOT of time on it - texting, surfing the web, checking Pinterest.... I probably would spend more time doing that stuff than actually calling someone.
 I don't want to do that. For a lot of you that's fine, and I'm not judging you for it, but I can honestly say that a cell phone would probably ruin my life. I wouldn't take the time to talk to people for real because I'd be "too busy".  
I'd go through the store with my lovely handheld device and probably not look up to see what life was like all around me.  I probably wouldn't even go outside as much as I do now! Seriously, for me it would be horrible. I might even enjoy the internet addiction, but others around me wouldn't.
My family has talked about what it would be like if we all had cellphones, and we know life wouldn't be good for us. 
 My parents said they want to see my face and have a real face to face chat with me. They might want me to give my opinions in the store while we're shopping together, instead of me checking my e-mail. They want their kids to to sing-along with them in the car on the way to church instead of browsing the newest youtube video. 
Yeah it's fine to check the latest update when we're out of the house, but it can become too much. I could pretty much quote Gandalf here with my own spin on it, "the world isn't in your cellphone - it's out there". 
I get on my laptop twice a day - for an hour with home school, blogging, and Pinterest or whatever. Sometimes later that evening perhaps  45 minutes to an hour editing my story, and maybe (just maybe), answering a friend who's just messaged me. I like it that way. I want to spend time with my family more than the time I spend with electronic devices. I think if I had a cell phone it would take away that time. 
Plus phones give me headaches.... so there is quite a few reasons why I have never went to Walmart to get that cellphone.
As I've said, this is pretty much my choice, though my parents have told me, "we don't think you should have a cell phone - it wouldn't be good."  We use home phones here, and laptops, and watch TV without Netflix or cable. Call us old fashioned or behind times, but it's the way we want to live, and I wouldn't want  it any other way. 
It would distract us from the real world and keep us from being the family God wants us to be. 
We still all use the internet, and my siblings enjoy spending time on the good old family laptop once in awhile - not saying we don't like surfing the web, because we love it, but we spend more time being together. We have family movie night and watch The Andy Griffith Show. We play soccer in the backyard, and read books by Tolkien. We have supper together every night and could play Taboo for hours.
   I'm not judging all you cellphone users, but just telling you my opinion. Cellphones are great when used wisely, and maybe one day I will need one, but not now. Right now I actually enjoy not having one and just being the teenage girl who's never sent a text message in her life. Actually it's funny, but that surprises a lot of people! 
I'd love to hear your opinion though, since you took the time to see mine! Do you disagree with what I'm saying or agree? 

Love and blessings,

P.S About the tablet - I do have one but rarely use it. Not saying I don't like it, but again I don't want the temptation that I know is there! 

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  1. I do have a cell phone and probably spend more time on it than really needed. One great thing in oir family is that we don't have a chanells on our TV. :) We have a TV in our apartment that we rent out, but no chanells. And where we live we just get out the projector when we want to watch a movie. I'm SO glad we don't. TV usually glues one's attention even with useless stuff and it's so easy to just watch and not do anything useful or enjoyable. :)

    1. I agree 100% with you!!! It's so true that TVs do take a lot of your time and I'm so thankful that my family doesn't have cable!
      Thanks so much for commenting Sofia Marie! =)


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