Praying For Actors

8:45 AM

Just in this passed year have I really been thinking more about prayer and who I can pray for. It dawned upon me sometime last fall that not only should I be praying for world leaders, friends, and family, but actors. I just felt God really speaking to me about this, and He made me see that everyone in this world needs prayer -  even those people who seem to have the perfect life.  
 I guess I tend to think of actors and actresses as almost "not human". Strange as that might sound it is true, and I think a lot of people do too (without realizing it). We only see famous people as men and women (and teens and children), who are in our favorite movies - people who we enjoy seeing interviews with and watching for updates about on facebook. We don't always consider the fact that they have problems in life as well - struggles and fears, dislikes and likes. So anyway, I've taken to praying for the actors and actresses who I am more familiar with. 
I pray that...
• they accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior (and if they have already, then they choose to follow Him in everything they do)

This is pretty much the most important thing ever - it would be so amazing to see Christ working in their lives!

• they impact people in a good way with the movies they choose to be a part of. 

Movies and TV shows are such a big part of my everyday life and you are really impacted by what you watch!

So what do you think? Do you pray for actors and actresses? Do you feel the same (that sometimes we tend to think of famous people as "not human")?

And because Blimey Cow had a video about famous people....

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  1. Hey! Its been a while before I read your blog. I love the design!! I do have to say I sometimes think of actors as "not human", I think what you say makes a lot of since. And we should pray for actors, they are people, that have struggles and problems too. Thanks so much for this reminder. -Bethany!

    1. It's awesome to hear from you Bethany! I had someone do it for me since I'm not very good at designing. =)
      Thank you for your comment!


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