That's So Kara! #4

8:46 AM

Hola readers! I love doing these posts - they're so much fun to write and see your comments afterwards on how we're similar! ♥

I admit this sounds like me haha! As a person with a huge imagination I can think of weird things that come out in sudden outbursts. The other day I was walking with my family outside and looked at the river and said suddenly - "I just had this great idea for a murder story!". 

At times I feel very much like Anne! Right now I am in that point where I want everything to stay the same - no one to grow up, no one to leave home. 

I neither deny nor admit that I am a fan of the Sherlock BBC - you'll just have to guess for yourself which one I am ;)

So true! Anyone else agree here?

I loved Dean O'Gorman in the hobbit - no one else could have done it. I cried so hard over him in The Hobbit!

I love both Mr. Darcy and Mr. Thornton, but I did like John's proposal better. Mr. Darcy was insulting!

Yes my dear readers - this was me during the hobbit and is me now with other show still in the making of new seasons

All. The. Time. 

So that's some of me - do you relate to any of this or am I the only one? Adios until the next time!

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3 of your thoughts

  1. Oh, I relate to so much of that, it's not even funny! Okay, maybe it is just a little... :P

  2. Oh my goodness, yes!! Every single one of those. Will was so good at Eustace, I can't even. I hated him and then I loved him. He was so hilarious. Mr. Thornton has officially ruined me on men for forever. WHY DO FICTIONAL CHARACTERS HAVE TO BE SO PERFECT! WHY????!!! Or maybe it's just Richard Armitage has ruined me on men for forever.... I will neither confirm or deny that statement. I am so glad that Dean got the part of Fili. He was perfect!

    1. I know - fictional characters seem to be just so perfect - I want these guys in real life (and actually know them in MY life)! Ahhh yes, Richard Amitage really has ruined men for me. Forever. Ever since I saw him walk into Bilbo Baggin's hobbit hole for the first time....
      Thanks for commenting!


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