Warm Fuzzies {Fandom Friday #4}

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Hola and happy Friday everyone! It's been waayy too long since I've done a Fandom Friday post, and so I decided to do one today - just be prepared for lots of gushing on my favorite scenes from movies - and I have a LOT of new ones!....

After watching a movie or reading a good book I tend to dwell for a long while on the parts that made me really just go, "aww that was so inspiring," or (since I'm a romantic at heart and usually watching or reading a romance), "that was just so romantic!". I'll just sit there and think about that certain scene that gave me such warm feelings, and sometimes I "have" to go and gush about it with someone. 
 Korin calls these feelings my "warm fuzzies" and a lot of you would probably just call it "fangirling". 
It doesn't matter the genre of the movie or book, (whether murder, romantic comedy, Victorian, Jane Austen type, etc), I just like to dwell on these "warm fuzzy" scenes (no matter how small)  for a good long while. Sometimes (if it's a movie or TV show) I'll find a picture of the certain scene or quote on Pinterest and download it to become my laptop's wallpaper!
Here is just a few scenes from movies that have given me these fuzzies...

I got many warm fuzzies in "When Calls the Heart", but for some reason this scene was just so funny and sweet. Jack painted a tiny picture of him and Elizabeth kissing and then acted as if he knew nothing about it. If you haven't seen this TV show then go watch it because it is so inspiring and heartwarming - my whole family loves it!
One of my favorite relationships in LOTR was these two - Eoywn and Faramir. Their relationship was sweet! This moment where they were standing and looking out over the land and then he hugged her... *fangirls silently*

Yes, I am not afraid to admit it guys - I am a HUGE fan of Kili and Tauriel. I will explain why in a later post, but let me just say this scene in BOTFA gave me such a feeling of sadness and warm feelings. It was so sweet of Kili to give Tauriel the rune stone, and ohh I'm just getting feels thinking about it!

Sherlock didn't think Mary would get in the way of John and his friendship, and I think he cared about her in his own way (as a friend). I thought it was sweet how he was looking out for her (and that's why I was so heartbroken in season 3...). 

I won't even begin to describe how many different feelings I had (and have) in this mini series - warm fuzzies throughout. When John admitted that he felt no woman could ever love him  I almost cried. Don't ask me why I get warm thoughts from the scene - I just do. 

 I got many warm fuzzies with Thorin. He and Bilbo were friends and the acorn scene was just too much for me (I was really crying by this time). 

You all probably know that Robin Hood BBC is one of my fave TV shows and this part!!! *sigh*.  I never really considered Guy "evil" (not like the Sheriff at least), and when he came back to fight with Marian instead of going to safety it showed that deep inside he had a caring heart, and I really do think he loved her.

Sherlock didn't realize John Watson thought of him as his best friend and was so shocked that he would even consider him to be his best man. I found found this really sweet - Sherlock changed so much from the first season!

So there - some of the moments I get warm fuzzies. So do you get these? Can you relate to any of the scenes I mentioned?

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  1. "Warm Fuzzies" is a great way to describe those moments. :) Hobbits give me warm fuzzies. ♥
    ~ S. F.

    1. Hobbits give me them too - Bilbo and Sam especially!
      Thanks for your comment S.F! ♥

    2. Yes, Bilbo and Sam especially! :)


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