God is Weird And That's a Good Thing

8:08 AM

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen |Hebrews 11:1|

How many times have you went through your daily life and God just did something so amazing it boggled your mind? Then you realized that that super amazing thing would have never happened had it not been for a super crazy event! I've had so many of these! Different things that have changed my life drastically all happened because of something God did, that at the time I wasn't enjoying but later saw how it was for the good.
God is weird (in a very good way). He puts events in our lives that may seem uncool, calls us to do things that may make absolutely no sense to our tiny brains. But God sees the bigger picture. He's over this whole universe and knows where to tie in epic events with the little ones. He knows how to connect the beautiful with the ugly in each of our lives.
We're just humans trying to get through life following Jesus, and at times we cannot possibly see how any of what God is telling us should make sense. And sometimes it shouldn't. Sometimes God is wanting us to walk out in blind faith, to turn heads, for people to say, "what is making you do this? You're nuts!"
Doing the absolute crazy is allowing you to have a testimony, to have your character developed. I know I've gone over this topic before, but really I'm beginning to see where I need to take it to heart and actually live it.
It's one thing to know that we need to step out blindly into the unknown with only God as a guide,  and it's a whole other thing to actually have to live it. It's no easy thing to trust that He knows best. Sometimes it means going against the crowd and doing the complete and utter opposite of everyone else. These weird God-moments usually mean people will question us and call us crazy (take is as a compliment).
Dare to do the crazy because God's is weird and we need to trust that awesome weirdness.

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” |John 20:29|

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