The Broken Prince {My Story Preview}

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I feel the cold pain in my wrists, the rope tearing into my flesh. I taste blood in my mouth and try to swallow, my tongue catching something. I realize my tooth had come loose and fallen out. Now my tongue hits a hole, a hole bloody and aching; a hole that very much represents my heart.
            I realize my hands are tied to the wall above me where I sit on the floor, my back pressed against the stone. I cannot feel my hands and my head swims.
            I open my eyes and the light blinds me for a moment. I blink and gaze up at the window, allowing the sun to warm it.
            “Why? Why?”  I moan. “Why must everyone I love die for the mistakes I made?”
            Tears run down my cheeks but I can do very little but blink them away. He’s dead, I know it. There’s no way he could have lived, no way.
            Slowly I drift between waking and sleeping. People and voices drift and float in my head. They’re people I know but at this moment I cannot see their faces clearly.
            Moments of the past, memories that I will forever hold precious lurking in the back of my mind. My first kiss, the feel of the summer sunshine on my cheeks in the spring, cool water lapping at my feet, my brother’s smile, my Mam and Da’s love – all of it that I will never see or know again. My home, my life, my love is taken from me.
            My heart feels shattered in my chest, shattered because I know that if I get out of this mess, escape my almost certain fate, all those I’ve loved, all those I’ve ever cared about will surely be gone.
            I draw in a ragged breath and try to ignore the pain in my wrists, the burning searing pain.
            These marks on my hands – they have been my curse in my life.  These tattoos have destroyed me more then anything I have ever know. They have slowly been tearing me from everyone I love.
            Then I grow still and something dawns on me. My marks! My gifts! I gasp softly and a smile curls at my lips despite the pain. 
            Slowly I draw in another breath. Breath. Just breath.
            I curl my finders into my palm, my nails biting into my skin. I try to steady myself. I’m so weak but I have to try. It is my only chance at survival and it will hurt. I know it will, but I also know I have no other way.
            I draw in another breath and let it out. I can’t, I'm so weak, but I must. She did so much to me over these past days, but I cannot let her take what I hold dear if they yet live.  My destiny is to escape. I feel it. If I do not I will die and so will my friends and…no. I stop.

            I will cannot think of what is to come. Or what may have already. I will not. I mustn't! 

Hola readers! This is just a little piece of the beginning of a Medieval Fantasy story I am currently trying to write. It's a work in progress and unedited (excuse any mistakes please), but I hope you enjoyed it. 

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